Florida Democratic Party


Leadership Blue 2018 Trainers

We are excited to announce that the Florida Democratic Party is partnering with ActBlue and the National Democratic Training Committee to bring you a two day series of in depth campaign trainings.

Learn more about tickets to the Leadership Blue evening gala and hotel reservations.

Below are biographies for each of our nationally recognized presenters.


Friday Training Presenters

Cristina Correa

State Outreach Regional Manager, ActBlue
Cristina is ActBlue's State Outreach Regional Manager for the west. She works with candidates in the region to create and execute customized digital fundraising programs and build campaigns with small-dollar donor support. Prior to joining ActBlue, Cristina worked for the California State Assembly as a Field Representative. Born and raised in California, she earned a B.A. in political science and French from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Rachael Junard

Senior Regional Outreach Manager, ActBlue
Rachael is a Senior Regional Manager at ActBlue, with a focus on helping state and local candidates in the South. She works with campaigns to help them build digital fundraising programs and strategize ways to build a small-dollar donor program and turn grassroots energy into winning campaigns.

Saturday Training Presenters

Mary Barrett

Mary Barrett has a background in politics and fundraising. She has been in the field for over 30 years and brings a unique twist to raising money - approaching it with humor and a can-do attitude. Mary has served as the DNC Women’s Outreach Director, has worked in 4 presidential campaigns, and raised funds for over 50 campaigns. She will get you to a place where you can find the money, ask for the money, and most importantly get the money to Win. She has also run for office herself, 2 times, one win one loss. Mary currently resides in Nebraska, after returning from DC. Mary enjoys time with family and friends. Mary also has with her family 2 bars and a reception hall in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sarah Scanlon

Sarah Scanlon began her political activism as a child growing up in Arkansas. She has worked as a national Wellstone Action trainer and was Deputy Director for the Wellstone Labor Program. In 2016, she was the National LGBTQ Outreach Director and Arkansas State Director for Bernie Sanders in 2016. Today she is the principal of Southern Strategies, a political consulting firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collyn Warner

Collyn Warner has had a career spanning outreach, communications, and rhetorical instruction. While currently working in higher education programming, she previously worked on event coordination, communication efforts, and office logistics at the International Monetary Fund, as well as membership development with Business Forward and organizing with political campaigns. She has over five years of experience with working in communications and outreach (including digital organizing and social media strategy) in non-profit, political, and human rights advocacy capacities for the Campaign for Southern Equality, Neighbors for Equality (a grassroots LGBTQ rights group based in rural North Carolina), Amnesty International, and higher education institutions. Additionally, she has taught composition and digital communication rhetorical strategy courses at various higher education institutions and currently works with small businesses on communication and outreach efforts. She completed her M.A. in English (Composition and Rhetoric) at The University of Alabama, where she was awarded funding to research the digital tools of community organizing within social movements.