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Leadership Blue 2018 Weekend Trainings

Leadership Blue 2018 will feature an in-depth training schedule open to all Democrats free of charge. Below is an overview of each training, and we invite you to take part.

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Friday Trainings

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Building an Online People-Powered Fundraising Program: Now more than ever, people across the country are looking for a way to participate in our political system and advocate for the issues they care about. By engaging small-dollar donors, you can build a campaign that has the money and the community support it takes to win. In this training, grassroots fundraising experts from ActBlue, a nonprofit online fundraising platform, will teach you how to build a robust email list, some best practices for starting your program, how to engage small-dollar donors, and more.


Saturday Trainings

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Budgeting Training: Through this session, participants will learn how to effectively develop and implement an organizational and campaign budget. The facilitator will take learners through sample budgets, raising money, and filing the appropriate reports.

Fundraising Training: In this session, participants will learn how to effectively make a fundraising ask, how to strategically target donors, and how to organize their personal networks into practical fundraising lists.

Crafting Your Message Training: Through this session, participants will reflect on their personal experiences and qualifications. Through this exercise they will be able to craft and share their personal stories with others.

Digital 101 Training: In this session, participants will learn how to effectively use digital platforms to amplify their campaign message. Facilitators will guide learners through the how to develop good social media content as well as how to authentically engage with voters online.

Field Tactics Training: Through this session, trainees will learn what effective voter contact is as well as how to calculate the key field numbers they need to win. Learners will leave knowing how to strategically develop a field plan.