Florida Democratic Party


Allison Tant

A Fighter for The Values of Florida's Middle Class Families

Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant Richard is a fighter for the values of Florida's middle class families and has been a leader in electing Democrats at every level across the state. She currently serves as the Chair of the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee and is a member of the National Democratic Rules Committee.

Allison's passion for standing up for those who cannot fight for themselves was driven by her personal experience addressing the needs of one of her children who, at the age of 3, was diagnosed with a disabling condition called "Williams Syndrome," and had to undergo open heart surgery. After taking herself out of the professional world, Allison was thrust into the world of advocacy for disabled children in Florida's schools, requiring better and appropriate education for students with all manner of exceptionalities after her disabled twin was denied an appropriate education in his school. Allison has succeeded in making many changes to the state's assessment of students with disabilities, the provision of speech, occupational, physical and behavioral therapeutic services, and has worked to develop post-secondary learning options for students with disabilities. Most recently, Allison spoke out to stop extremely harmful State Board of Education rule making, which would have discriminated against Florida students who do not speak English as a first language, as well as students with disabilities and those who are medically fragile and in special schools.

In addition to her advocacy, Allison has led statewide efforts to win Florida for President Obama and Democrats at every level of the ballot and has the qualifications to lead Florida Democrats in the fight against Rick Scott's extremism. Allison has served on President Obama's Victory Trustee Committee and was the chair of the North West FL Finance Council for the Obama re-election campaign for the 2012 election, where she raised over $330,000 from large and small contributions. In 2008, she organized and led the Tallahassee Women for Obama effort coordinating outreach and grassroots efforts building a strong base of support in the area for the President's election effort. Allison was on the host committee for President Obama's second national fundraiser upon his candidacy announcement and for all fundraisers thereafter in the Tallahassee area in 2008. In 2012, in addition to her tireless effort on the Obama campaign, Allison served on the state finance committee of volunteer fundraisers and organized and hosted fundraisers for Democratic nominees for congressional, legislative and local office.

Her commitment to bringing real reforms to Florida Democrats is best seen through her work as an investing founder in Project New Florida, the Florida values project. Project New Florida provides valuable data, research and messaging guidance to Democratic candidates at every level of office so they have the key tools to succeed in their campaigns.

Allison also founded a scholarship program called KEYS (Keys to Exceptional Youth Success), raising $160,000 over the last six years, awarding 54 scholarships to students with disabilities, providing instructional supplies to 35 students, minimally endowed a scholarship at Tallahassee Community College for a student with disabilities, and launched with Tallahassee Community College an entirely new curricula and learning for students with cognitive disabilities. Allison is a member of the Foundation Board of Directors for Tallahassee Community College, is on the State Foundation Board for the Children's Home Society of Florida, is a previous chair of the North Central Division of the Children's Home Society, is a previous chair of the Exceptional Student Education Advisory Council for Leon County Schools, is on the District Advisory Council for Leon County Schools and is a member of Capital Women's Network.

A native Floridian, Allison was born in Jacksonville, graduated from FSU, and was an intern for Sen. Bob Graham. She has worked in the Florida Legislature and has been active in local Democratic politics across the state. Allison lives in Tallahassee with her husband, mother and family, and is also a proud new grandmother.