Florida Democratic Party


Stephen Bittel

Stephen Bittel has served as a volunteer, mentor, donor and recruiter for the Democratic Party and progressive causes since he first registered as a Florida Democrat in 1974. Stephen’s first post was a volunteer field organizer in George McGovern’s – and he has been involved in progressive political activism for the past 40 years. 

In addition to political activism, Stephen has been a supporter of progressive causes in Florida – serving as a longtime board member of Teach for America and supporter of the New Leaders Council in Florida. He has helped to mentor hundreds of progressive activists and leaders across the state and ensure that these organizations have the funds to train our next generation of educators and activists.  Stephen’s company also leads the National Parkinson’s Foundation Miami Moving Day efforts, raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s. 

For the past two decades Stephen has ensured that the organizations he has been a part of and the candidates he has supported have been well-funded and had the skills and the team needed to succeed.  As Chairman of the State Party he will make sure the Democratic Party has the leadership team and the resources they need to win.

Stephen was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital and attended Miami Dade Public schools through high school, going on to get his law degree from the University of Miami.  Stephen’s wife is a public school teacher and a member of the Dade Teachers Union and two of his three children served in the Peace Corps.  While in law school at the University of Miami, he started a small property management company out of his home that he grew to become one of the most successful real estate companies in Florida.  Stephen serves as CEO of, Terranova Corporation – which houses and funds progressive and Democratic campaigns statewide.