Florida Democratic Party


Join Democrats in Calling on the FL Legislature to Close the Terror Loophole

Florida Democrats believe now is the time to take action and pass commonsense gun safety reforms backed by more than 8 in 10 Floridians.

That's why Senate and House Democrats are calling for a special session to close the “terror loophole,” which lets people suspected of terrorist ties buy guns in Florida even if they’re banned from flying on planes.


We urgently need your help. 96 members of the Legislature have to agree within the next several days to return to Tallahassee and take up the emergency legislation closing the terror loophole. Your voice is needed to tell them enough is enough! 
If you agree that suspected terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns in Florida, call your local Representative and Senator and make your voice heard.

Click here to contact your State Representative

Click here to contact your State Senator.

Tell them it's time to close the terror loophole!