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Black Lives Matter

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End Police Brutality & Systemic Racism

The systemic racism, inequity and police injustice happening in America should anger every single person. It is our responsibility to stand up against injustices when our communities are being attacked. The Florida Democratic Party stands with the peaceful protestors in demanding change. We are lending protestors and progressive organizations the support of our platforms and our organization. Our field team and entire staff are more resolute than ever in our commitment to make lasting change by focusing on our mission of electing Democrats. All of our efforts will be dedicated to expanding the electorate, lifting up candidates and replacing Donald Trump and Republicans who are fighting change and policies that will end police brutality and make Florida and America a more just, safe and equitable place to live.

We need to replace Republicans in office with Democrats who understand that black lives matter, and will be both brave and pass laws and stand for policies that work to dismantle racism and inequality. We know that centuries of racist institutions and policies led us to this moment. Racism existed long before Donald Trump arrived in the White House, but his eagerness to sow division and encourage violence is unacceptable and dangerous.

Injustice in Our Communities

This is a pivotal, painful moment in American history. After an unprecedented pandemic that has killed 107,000 Americans and left 43+ million Americans out of work, our nation erupted in protest after witnessing another horrific murder of a black man at the hands of a police officer. While Donald Trump has focused nearly all of his attention on the handful of violent individuals who have been looting and causing destruction, that is the tiny minority and frankly a distraction from what hundreds of thousands of Americans are demanding justice.

87% of African Americans report they are affiliated with a particular religious group, and 95% of those claim to be Christians according to the Religious Landscaping Study. Churches have historically been a key place of empowerment in black communities. We need to confront the racism within our communities. We need to educate ourselves, our families and our friends about ways to combat racism and anti-blackness, and end years of racial prejudice and racism.


As president Obama has been pointing out — change comes as a result of protest and politics. We need to follow up action in the streets with action in the law to prevent more black men, women, and children from being killed by those sworn to protect. We also know that racism is institutionalized at every level of government and it will take action at every level to create a more just and equitable society.