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2020 National Convention

Update from the DNC: In light of the unprecedented health crisis facing our country, the 2020 Democratic National Convention will now be held the week of August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, providing our team more time to determine the most appropriate structure for this historic event.

Update from FDP: In accordance with state and federal health advisories, the Florida Democratic Party received approval from the DNC to conduct online voting to ensure that our Congressional district delegate elections are accessible, easy to use, and accurate. See our full delegation at floridadems.org/delegates.

Florida Democratic Party National Convention Information

Thank you for your interest in joining FL at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee! The National Convention will now be held the week of August 17, 2020. Florida's Delegate Selection Plan has been approved by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee and can be reviewed at the link below. The resources on this page are made available to those interested in running as a National Convention Delegate. At this time, all Florida delegate selection events have been completed.

Florida's Allocation of Delegates

Click here for Florida's delegate allocations based on the March 17 Presidential Preference Primary

Florida has 248 total delegates. The majority of our delegation members are District-Level Delegates elected at the Congressional district elections, which were held online from Thursday, May 14 to Saturday, May 16. The results are posted at floridadems.org/delegates. Florida has 143 District-Level Delegates and 13 District-Level Alternates. Each Congressional district is allocated a limited amount of District-Level Delegates to send to the National Convention. You can find the allocation for your Congressional district here. Delegate candidates who are not elected as District-Level Delegate are automatically considered for District-Level Alternate positions unless otherwise indicated on their filing form. Filing to run for district-level delegate closed on March 7.

Florida also has 47 At-Large Delegates, and 5 At-Large Alternates. The filing period for At-Large Delegate and Alternate Delegate positions closed on Saturday, May 23, 2020. At-Large Delegates were selected on May 30, 2020.

Florida has 29 Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegates. The filing period for PLEO Delegates closed on Saturday, May 23, 2020. PLEO Delegates were selected on May 30, 2020.

Florida's full delegation can be found at floridadems.org/delegates.


Filing to Become a Delegate: Available Online or By Mail

The filing period to run as a District-Level Delegate closed on March 7, 2020. The filing period to run as a PLEO Delegate or At-Large Delegate closed on Saturday, May 23, 2020. There were 2 options to file:

To file online: Start the online Delegate filing form and complete all required fields. You will receive an email confirmation.

To file by mail: Download the printable Party Leader and Elected Official and At-Large Delegate filing form, complete each field, and mail to the address provided by the deadline.

District-Level Delegates were elected in Congressional district elections held online from Thursday, May 14 to Saturday, May 16. On Saturday, May 30 elected District-Level Delegates met remotely to select the 29 PLEO Delegates, 47 At-Large Alternates, and 5 At-Large Alternates.

It is important for Florida's delegation to be as diverse as our state. You can find the Florida Democratic Party's Affirmative Action goals here.

Congressional District Elections

In accordance with state and federal health advisories and approval from the DNC, April 4 Congressional district caucuses, as well as April 2 early voting, were rescheduled to be held online from Thursday, May 14 to Saturday, May 16. Voting was open from at 2:00pm EDT on Thurday, May 14 and closed at 2:00pm EDT on Saturday, May 16. Results can be foud at floridadems.org/delegates.

Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegates

Florida is allotted 29 PLEO delegates. The 29 PLEO delegates were selected by the District-Level Delegates by virtual meeting on May 30. The Presidential campaigns reviewed filing submissions and approved names for the final PLEO ballot. Individuals shall be eligible for the PLEO delegate positions according to the following priority: big city mayors and state-wide elected officials (to be given equal consideration); state legislative leaders, state legislators, and other state, county and local elected officials and party leaders. Filing for PLEO positions closes on Saturday, May 23 at 12pm Noon EDT.

Costs Associated with Being a Delegate

There are no costs associated with running for a Delegate position, but there will be expenses associated if selected to attend the Democratic National Convention. A list of anticipated expenses can be reviewed here. The Florida Democratic Party does not provide financial sponsorship for delegates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions are answered here. You may email [email protected] if you have additional questions.

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