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#VoteThemOut Day of Action

Governor Scott and the Republican legislature presented a sham of a bill that puts more guns in schools and will not keep us or our children safe. They took counsel from the NRA but refused to listen to the demands of Parkland students, Democratic members, victims of gun violence and the majority of Florida voters by including real reforms like universal background checks or an assault rifle ban.

Governor Scott is expected to sign the disrespectfully named Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Saftey Act and in response Florida Democrats, legislators and community leaders across the state will hold a #VoteThemOut day of action with a goal of registering and educating voters to make sure they know the facts.  Governor Scott and Republicans in the legislature gave a big win to the NRA and Florida’s families lives were put at risk as a result.

Statewide Virtual Phone Bank

Florida Democrats across the state will join in a virtual phone bank from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturday.  Our goal is to educate likely voters on how Governor Scott and Florida Republicans once again sold out Florida families in order to appease the gun lobby and their donors and secure a commit to vote through the #IWillVote program.

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Voter Registration and VBM Drives

In accordance with our 67 County strategy, we will work with our DECs to schedule and execute voter registration drives in every corner of the state – and make sure that all voters understand what is at stake in 2018.

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Show of Support  

We are looking to display a massive show of support and have hundreds of elected officials, DECs, Democratic clubs and caucuses and community leaders sign our #IWillVote pledge and stand with FDP and gun violence victims in our #VoteThemOut Day of Action.

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