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Adam Putnam Spent All Week Praising Donald Trump's Cruel Immigration Policies. What Does He Have to Show for It?


Putnam Travels Around Florida Praising the President — Including His Family Separation Policy. But Trump Doesn't Love Him Back.

Adam Putnam has spent the past week defending Donald Trump's family separation policy and kowtowing to the president. His reward for praising Trump during one of the lowest points of his presidency? A presidential tweet praising Putnam's rival for the GOP nomination, Ron DeSantis.

"At a time of bipartisan outrage against Trump's cruel immigration policies, Adam Putnam consistently praised and defended the President — only to be rebuked by Trump on Twitter," said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. "Adam Putnam spends all his time praising a president who never has and never will support him in his primary. Floridians deserve a governor who will stand up to Donald Trump — not live in fear of his tweets."

  • Saturday: Putnam Praises Trump's Family Separation and Trade Policies: At an event in Jacksonville, Putnam backed the President's family separation policy and praised his trade policies. According to Folio Weekly, Putnam used "tough rhetoric" to defend the family separation policy, saying "it's important that we enforce our laws. It's important that we enforce our laws in a humane way. But we need to have secure borders. With secure borders, you would have less of this issue." Putnam also praised the President's trade tariffs — despite the fact that the Florida Chamber of Commerce says they could hurt Florida businesses.
  • Monday: Putnam Tries to Raise Money Off of Trump's Cruel Immigration Policy: In the midst of bipartisan outrage over Trump's separation policy, Putnam sent a fundraising email saying "President Trump has led the way with his aggressive agenda on illegal immigration"​ and is "finding solutions to problems that have been ignored for years by the Left." Putnam explicitly endorsed Trump's immigration policies, saying "I'm proud to support the President's agenda."
  • Wednesday: A Study in Contradiction: Putnam Praises Trump's "Bold, Decisive" Executive Order — and His Zero Tolerance Family Separation Policy: In a sign of how willing Putnam was to bend to the President's will, WKMG reported that Putnam told them that he both supported Donald Trump's zero-tolerance policy and backed his executive order rescinding that policy — calling it "bold, decisive" action.
  • Thursday: Putnam Praises Trump's Presidential Campaign, Mocks Hillary Clinton: At the Lakeland Republican Women's Club, Putnam praised Trump's presidential campaign and said he needed the same energy for his gubernatorial run. "Donald Trump had the grassroots energy and support, Hillary Clinton had two billion dollars," Putnam told the club. "One's in the White House, one's explaining the title of a book called What Happened. What Happened was she lost!"

The result of Putnam's sycophancy? This: