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An Ounce Of Responsibility


It’s been over three months, and the list of things Rick Scott has never done regarding his administration’s broken unemployment claims system shows a pattern of careless disregard for human suffering:

  • He has never taken an ounce of responsibility for the broken claims website.
  • He has never set a deadline for when the website will be working properly.
  • He has never taken questions from the media about the broken system.
  • He has never suggested Deloitte be fired, despite his staff's endless finger-pointing at the consulting firm.
  • He has never announced the addition of new technical expertise to guide repairs to the software.
  • … and it looks like the Scott administration is digging in for the long haul: you don’t hire 300 new staffers to process claims if you’re expecting the system to be working any time soon.

Key Point: "Scott and Panuccio have failed to take any ownership of the incompetent work on the state website...Under Scott, workers in the state who were laid off for no fault of their own are being doubly punished. The help they were promised from the state has not materialized, and the Scott administration has barely shown it cares."