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Debate Fact Check: Hasner Continues Lies and Hypocrisy


Hasner's Record of Dishonesty Makes It Impossible to Trust Him With Our Future

TALLAHASSEE, FL — At today's FL-22 debate, Adam Hasner continued his disturbing pattern of lies and hypocrisy which has become endemic of his increasingly struggling and desperate campaign. Hasner claimed he wants to reduce the deficit — but supports Ryan's plan which would add $3.1 trillion to the deficit according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office; claimed he supports education, but has called for the elimination of the Department of Education; and claimed he would work across the aisle, although Senator Marco Rubio once called Hasner "the most partisan legislator in Tallahassee."

"Adam Hasner's record of lies and hypocrisy has made it impossible for the people of Florida to trust him," said David Bergstein, Florida Democratic Party spokesman. "Hasner is trying to ignore the facts because he knows his record is out of touch with middle class families. From supporting an extreme Republican budget that increases our deficit and ends Medicare as we know it, to trying to eliminate the Department of Education — Hasner has shown time and again that he is out of touch with Florida's values and simply can't be trusted with our state's future."  

This pattern of misleading and false statements follows a TV ad aired by Hasner in which he claims he would "never accept a pay raise" -- after supporting a 2.5 percent salary increase for himself while in the Legislature. 


HASNER CLAIM: I will reduce the deficit

HASNER FACT: Adam Hasner supports Ryan's budget plan which would add $3.1 trillion to the deficit according to the CBO.

  • Hasner revealed that he supports the Ryan Budget. Hasner: "I do. I support the Ryan budget plan."[CBS4 Facing South Florida, 8/20/2012,  5:16] 
  • Congressional Budget Office: Ryan’s Plan Adds $3.1 Trillion to the Deficit; Adds More to the Deficit than Under Current Law. “Ryan’s blueprint, ‘The Path to Prosperity,’ would add $3.127 trillion to the deficit during the decade spanning 2013 to 2022, according to a table on page 88 of the plan. The Congressional Budget Office estimated in its March 2012 projections that if “current laws generally remain unchanged,” the federal government would incur deficits totaling $2.887 trillion from 2013 to 2022. In other words, Congress would save more money over the next decade if it allowed current law to continue than if it adopted Ryan’s budget.” [The Hill, 3/20/12]

HASNER CLAIM: I will support education.

HASNER FACT: Adam Hasner has called for the elimination of the Department of Education.  

  • Hasner Called Dept. Of Education “Low Hanging Fruit” To “Begin To Eliminate.” At a July 2011 meeting with a Southwest Florida 912 group, Adam Hasner said, “...one thing I know we can begin to do in terms of our domestic discretionary spending is begin to eliminate agencies and departments and transform them into the types of agencies that you would never recognize, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, these are the easy cuts, this is the low hanging fruit...” [Hasner at Southwest Florida 912 Group, 8/13/11]

HASNER CLAIM: I am a bipartisan moderate

HASNER FACT: Sen. Marco Rubio called Hasner "the most partisan legislator in Tallahassee." 

  • Hasner: “Marco Rubio Used To Say I Was The Most Partisan Republican In Tallahassee, Together We Fought Many Battles.” In May 2010, Hasner said, “Marco Rubio used to say I was the most partisan Republican in Tallahassee,” Hasner said. “Together we fought many battles.” [St. Augustine Record, 5/25/11]

HASNER CLAIM: When asked about his vote on a 2010 bill that would have mandated ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion, even in cases of rape, Hasner said, “Those aren’t the facts.”

HASNER FACT: Hasner voted for a bill that would required women seeking abortions to receive ultrasounds, even in cases of rape. 

  • Adam Hasner voted for HB 1143, a bill that would have mandated that women, including those who have been raped, would have to obtain unnecessary and, in most cases, invasive ultrasounds before having access to abortion services. [Florida House of Representatives, HB 1143 (2010)]