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Debate Fact Check: Lobbyist David Jolly’s “Irresponsible” Stance on Environmental Issues


Tallahassee, FL – At today’s forum, lying special interest Lobbyist David Jolly is still proving that Pinellas residents can’t trust him, misleading residents about his “Irresponsible position based on ignorance, or worse, pandering,” when it comes to protecting the environment that helps power Pinellas’ economy. Here are the facts about Lobbyist David Jolly’s record on offshore oil drilling, the environment and climate change:

  • Tampa Bay Times: Jolly Lobbied to Expand Drilling Off Florida’s Coast.  “Pinellas congressional candidate David Jolly said he supports the ban that prevents oil drilling off Florida’s Gulf Coast, a perennially important issue in local politics. But he’s facing questions over his own 2011 federal lobbying report, which indicates he lobbied for a House bill designed to expand oil drilling in the gulf and elsewhere. [Tampa Bay Times, 1/09/14]
  • Jolly Repeatedly Lied About Lobbying for Offshore Drilling.  In January 2014, Jolly said: “I have never lobbied for offshore oil drilling...If that information is in the public domain it’s a complete fabrication.” Later that month, Jolly said: “I did not fill out paperwork that said I lobbied for offshore oil drilling…” In February 2014, Jolly said: “Listen we disagree on the premise of that question. I never lobbied for that.” [Tampa Bay Beaches Congressional Forum, 1/06/14WEDU Candidate Forum, 1/12/14; St. Petersburg College Candidate Forum, 2/03/14]  
  • Jolly Said Humans Have Not Had a Dramatic Impact on Climate Change, Called Policies Meant to Stem Climate Change “Reactionary Global Warming Public Policy.”“Republican David Jolly said Earth’s climate changes over time, and people have had an impact. But he added, ‘I don’t think the impact that humans have had on our climate is so dramatic that it requires a significant shift in federal policy’ […] He added that while the climate may have changed over the century-long period examined in the study, ‘I don’t believe it changes in such a fashion that it requires what we’ve seen out of Washington, which is this reactionary global warming public policy.’ He said he is concerned about any policies that risk ‘crippling jobs and the economy and industry.’” [Tampa Bay Times, 1/26/14]
  • Tampa Bay Times: Jolly’s has an “Irresponsible Position Based on Ignorance, or Worse, Pandering” on Climate Change. “Former lobbyist David Jolly may have spent too much time in Washington if he doesn’t recognize the connection between Congress’ role in setting environmental policies and campaigning in a vulnerable coastal county with rising high tides and flood concerns. Both Jolly, a Republican candidate for U.S. House District 13, and Lucas Overby, his Libertarian opponent, are refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence that humans have had an extensive impact on climate change and by extension, rising tides in Pinellas County and elsewhere. Theirs is an irresponsible position based on ignorance, or worse, pandering. Only Democrat Alex Sink has shown a commitment to helping turn the tide on climate change.” [Tampa Bay Times Editorial, 1/28/14]