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First Step Toward Selecting FL Delegation for National Convention

Tallahassee, FL -- The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) today announced that statewide county caucuses will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2012. The first ever statewide caucuses will kick-off the delegate selection process, which will determine who will be part of the Florida delegation that will attend the national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Florida Democrats are looking forward to the National Convention this summer and are energized heading into 2012,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “The county caucuses are an exciting chance for Democrats to get involved and help rally support for President Obama. Whether you’ve volunteered in the past or are brand new to the party, we urge you to join us on Saturday, May 5th and we hope to see you in Charlotte this summer.”

After being selected at the county level, delegates will proceed to the party’s statewide convention where they will take part in the final phase of the delegate selection process in Tampa, Florida on June 1-3, 2012. Those selected at the state convention will attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina this summer.


  • The county caucuses will be held statewide on May 5, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and all registered Democratic voters are invited to attend to cast a ballot for their county’s delegates to the State Convention in Tampa, June 1-3, 2012. 
  • Any Democrat interested in running as a candidate for delegate to the State Convention must file the state convention delegate filing form with their county Democratic Executive Committee leadership by April 27, 2012.  The filing form is available at www.fladems.com/timetoshine
  • The location of each county’s May 5, 2012 Caucus, along with contact information, is available on the State Party’s website at www.fladems.com/timetoshine.

  • The Florida Democratic Party is committed to diversity in our delegation, and to this end has adopted goals to ensure that Florida's delegates accurately reflect our electorate. More information about FDP's diversity policy is available online www.fladems.com/timetoshine.com.
  • This year, Florida will send its largest delegation ever to the National Convention with a record 300 delegates and 23 alternates. A majority of the delegates (184) will be elected at the Congressional District level. Only individuals elected as State Convention delegates at the May 5 caucuses can run for District-Level delegate positions.

  • The FDP has created a special website for those interested in taking part in the 2012 Delegate Selection Process.  Please visit www.fladems.com/timetoshine, for more information on this exciting event.