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Five Questions for Ron DeSantis in Advance of his Orlando Press Conference


Ron DeSantis will hold a press conference at Orlando Health today at 12:30 PM. In advance of the conference, Orlando voters have many unanswered questions for Governor DeSantis.

We have outlined five (and a bonus):

  • Why did Governor DeSantis commit to auto-enroll Universal and Disney employees who were furloughed, but not the 1.5 million employees of other small, medium and large businesses who are also unemployed? Some businesses are saying it’s because they didn’t make 7 figure donations to the DeSantis campaign, what does the Governor say in response?
  • Democratic legislators requested a special session to address coronavirus’ effect on our economy and upcoming elections, will Governor DeSantis support a bill to expand Medicaid and provide healthcare to 800,000 Floridians in need of health care, as well as bring in $14 billion dollars to the state?
  • The population served by Orlando Health is largely Hispanic, and minority populations have higher infection and mortality rates. There has been criticism of your administration for not providing coronavirus information in Spanish on time. Why has the state been so slow to offer health information in English, Spanish and Creole?
  • Orange County passed earned sick leave in 2013, but it was pre-empted by then Governor Rick Scott. Will you consider repealing his pre-emption?
  • The statewide group of Supervisors of Elections submitted a letter warning that elections are at risk and made a series of recommendations including expanding vote-by-mail and early voting to protect voters from lines. You still haven’t responded publicly. Will you support their efforts to protect upcoming elections?

BONUS QUESTION: Orlando is home to nearly 100,000 college students. Thousands of them were sent back home when schools closed, but they are forced to continue to pay rent on leases they don't hold. Will the Governor find a way to help these students?