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Health Care Is the Top Issue for Voters, and Rick Scott Has Proven He Doesn't Care



Rick Scott repeatedly refused to stand up to Trump's attacks on pre-existing conditions

Recent polling has found time and time again that health care remains the top issue for voters.

  • Kaiser: A majority of Americans "are worried about their out-of-pocket costs increasing so high that" they won’t be able to afford care.
  • CBS: "Health care tops the list of most important issue for voters, ahead of the economy -- and by two to one voters say they've been hurt, not helped, by the GOP's changes to the health care laws."
  • NBC: Health care is top issue in new poll. Asked about their top issues for November, 38 percent of voters answered with health care (as their first or second choice).

Yet, Rick Scott hasn't prioritized ensuring Floridian's access to quality and affordable healthcare. And this week, he refused to oppose the Trump Administration latest effort to make coverage for pre-existing conditions unconstitutional. Under Scott's leadership, the state of Florida has joined as a party in the Trump administration's lawsuit to gut key provisions from the Affordable Care Act, including protections for those with pre-existing conditions. According to recent estimates, over seven million Floridians have pre-existing conditions.

Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Nate Evans:

"Healthcare is the top issue for voters, but time and time again, self-serving Rick Scott has proven that he doesn't care about Floridian's access to quality and affordable care. Not only was Scott a key architect of the GOP's failed health care repeal that would have jeopardized coverage for tens of millions of Floridians, but he now refuses to stand up to the Trump administration in their efforts to strip protections for pre-existing conditions. By putting personal politics above Floridian's healthcare, Rick Scott has shown where his priorities lie."