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Hypocrisy 2.0 with Rick Scott: Claims to be Outsider, Fundraises with Ultimate Washington Insiders


In the purest form of hypocrisy, Rick Scott heads to Washington today for fundraisers with the ultimate DC insiders, reminding Floridians his deceitful campaign rhetoric is just that. Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen released the following statement:

"It is peak hypocrisy that Rick Scott talks about shaking up Washington and about term limits on public service but travels to Washington this week to spend time with the ultimate DC insiders, like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. As Rick Scott cozies up to the establishment this week, Floridians are reminded that his campaign promises are nothing but political tricks to help him get elected, so he can further enrich himself at Floridians expense."

Recent reports and editorials outline Rick Scott’s hypocrisy and dishonest "outsider" rhetoric:

Scott refused to explain Tuesday how he could be pushing term limits while raising money with career politicians Mitch McConnell, who has been in the Senate since 1985 and would have had to retire more than two decades ago under Scott's plan, and Kevin McCarthy, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Recent editorials and columns have called Rick Scott out for "mischaracterizing himself as an outsider" and being "indeed a career politician."

  • "Should Scott arrive in the Senate you better believe he will knock over senior citizens, kick puppies out of the way and brush aside toddlers if they remotely come to represent any threat to holding on to the seat so he can continue to be miserable in Washington."
  • "Rick Scott wants to hold a political post in the most political city in the world, but claims he is above the political demands of the position. Shouldn’t that alone be a disqualifying factor for the job?"

Reminder: It is now Day Nine since Rick Scott entered the Senate race and he is still hiding his finances from Floridians. Follow the clock here to see how long it has been since Rick Scott has refused to disclose his secret account that enabled him to grow his wealth by $46 million while he was in office.