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ICYMI: Baby-step Gun Bill Needs Governor's Direction


ICYMI: Baby-step Gun Bill Needs Governor's Direction

Tallahassee, Fl. - As three assault weapons bans failed in Senate and House committees this week, Rick Scott’s leadership was nowhere to be found in the Capitol. Scott and Tallahassee Republicans continue to ignore the voices of the Parkland students, teachers, and majority of Floridians who support an assault weapons ban, and instead are moving forward with this “woefully inadequate” proposal. Scott and his legislature have clearly shown that they will always do the bidding of the NRA.


Sun Sentinel, 2/27/2018, Baby-step gun bill needs governor's direction | Editorial

  • “It’s clear the Florida Legislaturewill do nothing to ban the sale and possession of military-style, high-velocity, semi-automatic rifles — the weapon of choice in America’s epidemic of mass shootings.”
  • “Banning these weapons — whose bullets pulverize human organsand minimize a person’s chance of survival — is the single biggest step lawmakers could take to ensure public safety at schools, malls, theaters, airports, concerts, restaurants, universities and other public places.”
  • “President Ronald Reagan, the standard-bearer of conservative Republicans, supported such a ban. Yet the Republicans who control Tallahassee won’t even discuss it.”
  • “When these kids came to talk to us, they asked us to ban the AR-15,” he said. “We’re not even entertaining it. We’re now arming teachers with guns. They asked us not to do that. Let’s listen to this generation … Let’s listen to these kids.”
  • “To preserve the half a loaf supported by a fragile majority of lawmakers, Gov. Rick Scott should quickly make clear whether he will support a bill that arms teachers, especially over the objections of superintendents and sheriffs.”
  • “The governor should make clear whether the marshal program, as proposed by the House, makes the baby-step bill something he cannot sign.”