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Money Buys You Power in Rick Scott's Administration


ICYMI: Money Buys You Power in Rick Scott's Administration


TALLAHASSEE, FL – Experience, expertise and education are not required in Rick Scott's administration, and his latest appointments on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Board of Education continue to show that all it takes is money to earn a top spot. Here’s what they’re saying:


Tampa Bay Times, 1/25/18, Romano: Who needs references when you have friend in the Governor’s Mansion?


  • "...why is the Board of Education dominated by lawyers?" "And what makes a community relations executive for a retirement community the right choice for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission?"
  • "The education board and the wildlife commission are two of the most high-profile, powerful and important bodies in the state, and yet they are mostly populated by head-scratching appointees."
  • (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)"is not terribly different from the Board of Education."...which has has 4 lawyers, executives, and NO public school teachers or principals.
  • "Scott’s most recent choices for the wildlife commission might as well have been named Larry, Curly and Moe...their resumes don’t shout out any obvious expertise. Gary Lester is a former minister who now works in community relations for the Villages. Gary Nicklaus is a former pro golfer who now designs golf courses..."

"So what, exactly, is Scott looking for when he seeks caretakers for the state’s wildlife or the education of our youngsters? Well, it appears to help if you’re a campaign contributor to Scott or the Republican Party of Florida."