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Mitt Romney, Carlos Curbelo Confronted By Protestors Outside Campaign Rally


Residents Highlight How Curbelo and Romney are Two Peas in a Pod

When it Comes to Hurting South Florida’s Middle Class

Today, South Floridians gathered outside of Vicky Bakery in West Kendall to protest a Carlos Curbelo campaign event featuring former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney – speaking out against Curbelo and Romney as Two Peas in a Pod whose shared policies are out of step with South Florida’s values.

The protestors highlighted Curbelo and Romney’s similar positions on several key issues important to South Floridians:

  • Just like Romney, Curbelo supports ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors.
  • Just like Romney, Curbelo puts his corporate campaign contributors over South Floridians, jeopardizing hundreds of local education jobs.
  • Yesterday on ABC’s This Week in South Florida, Curbelo announced his support for deporting all immigrant children caught in the recent border crisis; Romney infamously claimed he favored “self-deportation” for immigrants. 

“Carlos Curbelo and Mitt Romney are two peas in a pod when it comes putting themselves and their dysfunctional politics over South Florida families,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “Miami area residents want a representative they can trust to stand up for the middle class, seniors and their values – which is why South Florida rejected Romney before and will do the same to Curbelo in November.”