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Rick Scott Hires Grossly Unqualified Former Aide


Rick Scott Hires Grossly Unqualified Former Aide to Lead State Emergency Management 


TALLAHASSEE, Fl.—In the latest example of Rick Scott’s self-serving politics, and his willingness to reward his cronies and political allies at the expense of Floridians, he’s officially appointed 29-year-old Wes Maul as Emergency Management Director. Scott made the appointment in December with no public announcement, and his office will not say whether he considered any other people for the position. 


"This appointment shows a complete lack of respect for the critical work that the people at the Division of Emergency Management do. While not surprising, it is incredibly disappointing that Scott would once again prioritize his self-serving politics, his cronies and his political allies over the safety of our state," said FDP Spokeswoman Caroline Rowland.


Politico, 1,31, 2018, "Scott quietly appoints controversial choice to lead state emergency management"

  • "Maul, 29, worked at the Division of Emergency Management and was a scheduling assistant to the governor from 2013-16, and prior to that worked at a mattress store in Gainesville. He was named chief of staff at the division in May 2016 before being appointed interim director in September."
  • "She (Scott's Spokeswoman) did not answer questions first posed Tuesday that included whether the position was advertised or whether anyone else was interviewed for the job."


Miami Herald9,26,2017, After Irma, Scott replaces head of emergency operations with political operative

  • "Maul’s promotion is one of a series of decisions the governor has made to elevate former campaign staffers. Scott is expected to announce his candidacy for U.S. Senate next year."
  • "In 2013, Scott gave another former Republican campaign operative, Taylor Teepell, a $116,000 job in a state agency in which he had no previous subject matter experience. In May, Scott moved Teepell from director of the Division of Community Development in the Department of Economic Opportunity to become the finance director of the New Republican Super PAC, which Scott controls."


Sun Sentinel, 9,26,2017, Florida emergency management chief leaving job before end of hurricane season

"Prior to taking the chief of staff job, Maul spent about three years in the governor's office. His duties, according to Maul's LinkedIn page, included running Scott's daily schedule and coordinating travel."