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Rick Scott Opposes a Minimum Wage Increase. Who's Surprised?


Marco Rubio said yesterday that the federal government should turn over all poverty programs to the states. Just a few hours later, Rick Scott said that a new push to increase the minimum wage makes him "cringe."

Well, let’s look at Rick Scott’s record on helping poor Floridians:

  • …cut Bright Futures scholarships by millions while raising tuition.
  • …opposed the DREAM Act and expanding opportunity for Dreamers.
  • …said "the right thing happened" after many poor, minority voters stood in voting lines five and six hours long.
  • …failed to fight for Medicaid expansion for over one million Floridians.

And now Rick Scott, who has presided over a huge increase in low-wage jobs, says raising the minimum wage makes him "cringe"? It isn’t even surprising.