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Rick Scott Starts Shaking His $100 Million Etch-a-Sketch


Yesterday, Rick Scott began his statewide television campaign as an attempt to whitewash his toxic public image — an attempt that is doomed to fail from the beginning.

Scott is trying to reintroduce himself to voters in the hope that they will forget his three years of deeply misguided priorities, but Florida's middle class isn't going to fall for it.

Here’s Rick Scott’s real record — and it’s a record Floridians will remember in November:

  • Scott "cringes" at the idea of raising the minimum wage, even though many hardworking Floridians are working two or three jobs just to get by.
  • Scott gives big taxpayer handouts to his campaign donors, and to wealthy special interests that have failed to create the jobs they promised Floridians.
  • Scott rejected federal investment in high-speed rail, which would have created tens of thousands of jobs, millions in profits, and cleaner and faster transportation.
  • Scott proposed slashing $3.3 billion from our schools, and signed a $1.3 billion cut into law, forcing classes like art, music, and athletics to be cut and thousands of teachers to be fired.
  • Scott has cut millions from the Bright Futures scholarship program that helps the best students attend college in Florida, and refuses to restore its funding.
  • Scott has refused to allow Florida’s Dreamers pay in-state college tuition, and has cut millions from the Bright Futures merit scholarships.

Rick Scott can try shake his Etch-a-Sketch and make voters forget his real record, but Florida's middle class knows exactly who Rick Scott is. And they know he can't be trusted to look out for them.