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Week in Review: “Adam Putnam’s momentum stalls in bid for governor and he sees trouble — on Fox News”


Week in Review: “Adam Putnam’s momentum stalls in bid for governor and he sees trouble — on Fox News”


Adam Putnam is struggling with Republican primary voters. He’s picking fights with farmers. And his record of cashing in at the expense of Florida is finally catching up to him.


In other words, it’s been another terrible week for the so-called GOP frontrunner.


In a devastating article published today in theTampa Bay Times, Steve Bousquet reports that “Putnam's bid for governor could be at a crossroads for one reason: The right is coming for him.” According to the Times, Putnam is struggling to connect with the Republican base and rapidly losing ground to Congressman Ron DeSantis — despite having spent more than a year campaigning for office and having a formidable campaign war chest.


Putnam’s struggle isn't just bad news for him. It also spells trouble for the GOP in the general election. GOP consultant Rick Wilson noted that the primary has become so toxic that "You're not a real Republican unless you're talking about Muslims or the liberal media." The result is the rise of DeSantis is forcing Putnam to double down on his far right positions (see “NRA Sellout”) — and jeopardizing the party’s chances in November.


The Times report comes as the Putnam campaign is under siege. Just yesterday, Politico reported that as a state lawmaker, Putnam had pushed legislation that eventually made him and his family millions of dollars. It was a particularly devastating report considering just the day before Putnam was blasted by a judge for refusing to compensate orange farmers whose trees were destroyed by the state.


In other words, Putnam is fine with using his position to make millions for his family — but is against helping citrus farmers whose property rights were violated. No wonder Republican voters don’t like him!


Tampa Bay Times: Adam Putnam’s momentum stalls in bid for governor and he sees trouble — on Fox News

  • “But polls show that after nearly a year of campaigning, Putnam is in a neck-and-neck race with U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis of Palm Coast, who entered the race in late January and whose campaign appears to consist mostly of a tweeted shout-out from President Trump and frequent Fox News appearances that provide a pipeline to Republican voters' living rooms.
  • “Polls also show that more than 60 percent of Republican voters are undecided about how they will vote in the Aug. 28 primary, a sign that the race is wide open and that many GOP voters are not yet sold on Putnam.”
  • “Rick Wilson, a national GOP strategist and vocal leader of the #NeverTrump movement, said Trump "has broken the traditional model" and changed what Republican voters want from they candidates."
  • “Wilson said DeSantis' alliance with Trump will make the GOP a loser in November, just as it lost recent special elections in Virginia, Alabama and Pennsylvania."





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