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What Do Michael Cohen's Three Clients Have In Common? They've Endorsed Ron DeSantis


Love Michael Cohen? Meet Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump, Elliott Broidy, and Sean Hannity all have two things in common: Michael Cohen is their lawyer — and Ron DeSantis is their pick for governor.

Today, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen appeared in court as part of the investigation into his 130k hush money payment to Stormy Daniels — and finally revealed that Sean Hannity is his mysterious third client.

With Hannity’s name revealed, we now know that all of Cohen’s clients don’t just share a penchant for shady hush money schemes, they also have endorsed Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaign. And Cohen's clients aren’t just DeSantis backers, they have played an integral role in boosting his campaign:

  • ELLIOTT BROIDY: KICKED OUT OF THE RNC, BUT NOT TEAM DESANTIS: Elliott Broidy is still a member of DeSantis’ national finance team — despite the fact that he was forced to resign in disgrace from the Republican National Committee for paying a Playboy model he impregnated $1.6 million. Michael Cohen coordinated the payment.
  • THE TWEETER-IN-CHIEF: Donald Trump famously tweeted out his support for DeSantis and DeSantis has personally said Trump is coming to campaign for him.
  • GREEN ROOM RON’S BEST FRIEND: Anyone who has turned on Fox News knows that Ron DeSantis is a regular guest on Sean Hannity. Hannity doesn't just like interviewing DeSantis. He has explicitly endorsed his run for governor.

While Cohen's client are helping DeSantis, DeSantis has returned the favor by defending Cohen. Over the past week, DeSantis has repeatedly said that the raid on Cohen’s office left me “angry and frustrated this is going on in this country”

DeSantis’ close association with Cohen’s clients shouldn’t come as a surprise: he has spent most of his campaign surrounding himself with shady characters from the far right. Last November, he spoke at an event with some of the leading figures of the Alt-Right — including Milo Yiannopoulos and Seb Gorka

“Michael Cohen and Ron DeSantis are probably the only three people in America who would want to be associated with Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Elliott Broidy,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “From Milo to Elliott Broidy, Ron DeSantis has surrounded himself with some of the most vile figures from Trumpworld."