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What Mitt Romney's $10K Buys in Florida


After denouncing President Obama's $1,500 middle class tax cut as a "temporary little band-aid," Mitt Romney left no doubt that he is profoundly out-of-touch with the middle class when he offered fellow Presidential candidate Rick Perry a $10,000 bet on the stage at last Saturday's debate.
Mitt, a multi-millionaire and chronic flip-flopper, might not care about the value of $10,000, but Floridians sure do:

  • Nearly three months of pay for a Florida teacher ($11,677).
  • More than three years of gas for the typical family ($9,705).
  • Two and a half months income for the typical Florida family ($9,324).
  • More than eight months of mortgage payments for the typical Florida family ($9,976)
  • Almost three years of groceries for the average family ($9,966).