Florida Democratic Party


Honoring Bernice “Bunny” Steinman

Title: Honoring Bernice “Bunny” Steinman

Summary: Honoring Bernice “Bunny” Steinman who served the Democratic Party for many years and passed away January 20, 2016.

Resolution Language:

WHEREAS, Bernice “Bunny” Steinman was an  invaluable member of the Democratic Party. She served as Palm Beach County state committeewoman, representative of Palm Beach County at the Florida Democratic Party convention, and Representative of the State of Florida as a delegate to the democratic national committee for three conventions;

WHEREAS, “Bunny” was the epitome of “Boots on the ground” and fought for the Democratic candidates and values her whole life.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Florida Democratic Party should, in an attitude of reverence, pride, respect, and admiration, remember the tireless efforts to Bernice “Bunny” Steinman.

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Florida Democratic Party commemorates “Bunny” as an icon and legend for the Democratic Party.