Florida Democratic Party


Supporting Economic Justice & Prosperity for all Floridians

Title: Supporting Economic Justice & Prosperity for all Floridians


The Florida Democratic Party supports a living wage, fair compensation, paid sick and family leave, collective bargaining rights, green job creation, investment in our crumbling infrastructure, and policies that aim to address economic inequality by ensuring that working people receive their fair share of Florida’s prosperity.

Resolution Language:

WHEREAS, the FDP seeks economic justice, fairness, economic security, and prosperity for all Floridians;

WHEREAS, a healthy economy must not only provide fulfilling work. It must also protect prosperity for those who cannot work, including: the sick, vulnerable, disabled, elderly, and those experiencing trauma or transition. We believe everyone has the right to economic security in retirement, and support protection and expansion of Social Security;

WHEREAS, the FDP supports protecting and expanding Florida's main economic sectors, including but not limited to, tourism, space exploration and agriculture.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, The FDP believes in a living wage, fair compensation for all, and in building an economy that capitalizes on human potential rather than human suffering.

We aim to build an economy that generates healthy communities and businesses, and gives all Floridians the opportunities to thrive and prosper. This requires secure jobs that offer dignity, work-life balance, a living wage and equal pay for equal work. We believe all workers should have paid sick and family leave, and the right to organize and collectively bargain.

The Florida Democratic Party opposes harmful economic practices that exploit low-income Floridians, including predatory payday lending practices. The FDP supports interest rates caps on payday loans.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, the FDP supports investments in job creation and training to accelerate Florida’s conversion to renewable energy, as well as the construction of more sustainable infrastructure. We support investment in public servants, including service(wo)men, teachers and first-responders, as well as in small businesses that make communities thrive.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, in order to protect prosperity for all Floridians, the FDP believes large corporations and the wealthiest Americans must pay their fair share. We believe in closing tax loopholes and taxing Wall Street transactions, so that hardworking Floridians and small businesses do not pay excess taxes to support tax breaks for the most well off among us.