Florida Democratic Party


Supporting Equity & Reform in the Criminal Justice System

Title: Supporting Equity & Reform in the Criminal Justice System


We believe in building a justice system that is truly just by putting an end to racial discrimination, disproportionate incarceration, police brutality towards minority communities, militarization of police and prisons, and the death penalty.

Resolution Language:

WHEREAS, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) aims to build a restorative justice system that is truly just;

WHEREAS, prison rates in the US are the world's highest and incarceration disproportionately affects a high number of Black and Latino Americans;

WHEREAS, the Florida Department of Corrections has the third largest prison system in the country, with 100,000 incarcerated;

WHEREAS, Florida has the second highest number of Death Row inmates in the country that also disproportionately affects minority communities;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the FDP opposes a for-profit justice system and private prisons, and demands local community oversight and demilitarization of police and prisons. We believe effective policing is achieved through community engagement, not through force.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, the FDP believes we must end racial profiling, disproportionate incarceration, criminalization of minority communities, and police brutality.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, we oppose the death penalty not only for moral reasons, but also because it is applied unequally and is more costly for taxpayers.