Florida Democratic Party


Supporting Home Rule & Opposing Big Money in Politics

Title: Supporting Home Rule & Opposing Big Money in Politics


We support home rule as critical to accomplishing progressive change at the local level, and encourage municipalities to enact policy changes in an attempt to create fair, public financing of elections.

Resolution Language:

WHEREAS, the Florida Democratic Party seeks democracy and self-determination for all Floridians;

WHEREAS we are committed to ensuring that communities have a voice in their own government;

WHEREAS, our local communities are places where Democratic and progressive elected officials can make positive changes in public policy that affect their constituent’s daily lives;

WHEREAS, contributions from big money influences can be a corrupting force in public policy.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Florida Democratic Party actively supports counties and municipalities in their right to govern themselves through “home rule” and encourage them to enact fair, public financing of elections, so that holding office isn’t a privilege of the wealthy.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, the Florida Democratic Party aims to elect leaders who represent all of the people they serve, not special interests and donors who fund their campaigns. We support fundamental campaign finance reform in an effort to eliminate the corrupting influence of money in public policy. We encourage the development of small-contribution political fundraising methods and policies such as the inability for politicians to accept lobbying jobs upon leaving office, elimination of lobbyist loopholes, and stronger anti-corruption laws.