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Rick Scott has millions invested in Puerto Rico electric company. #Flapol https://t.co/NiIalJhdUy

RT @FlaDems: Look at all these first time voters working to elect @AndrewGillum @NelsonForSenate 🙌🏼🙌🏾🙌🏿 #BringItHome https://t.co/Y76lzLbAsH

☑️ Affordable Healthcare ☑️ Quality Public Education ☑️ Clean Water and Air ☑️ An Economy That Works for Everyone… https://t.co/IO5yT7ygcQ

RT @NelsonForSenate: Excited to introduce @CoryBooker to this packed room of fired up folks in Duval County, right before early voting begi…

ICYMI: Rick Scott has financial ties to embattled Puerto Rico electric company, records show. #FlaPol https://t.co/LlSqfgr04c

RT @TerrieRizzo: We are greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Judge Edward Rodgers. As the 1st African-American county prosecutor, fi…

RT @ChrisKingFL: Great to be back in Volusia County! We had so many folks at the Gillum-King campaign office that we had to move outside. #…

Republicans have made it clear - they will cut your Social Security & Medicare and will end protections for people… https://t.co/KTaoos3y6O

Our @DuvalDEC woking hard today! Are you ready to #BringItHome - sign up for a shift today ------------>… https://t.co/ctHTe67oTJ

Broward county is ready to #BringItHome ☑️🗳️ https://t.co/rbwxEV7ZbE

RT @AndrewGillum: When you lie about me from the most powerful office in the world and still don’t have the courage to @ me... https://t.co…

RT @AnnaForFlorida: Introducing your #WinningTicket for Florida & #HD47! 🤗 #BringItHome @FlaDems @FLHouseVictory https://t.co/wDUsSlfcCc