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Be the first to get information about Agriculture Commissioner @nikkifried's 2019 Inauguration Celebration 🎉 https://t.co/pLMhgAELhv

RT @BarackObama: No jump shots. No ferns. No memes. Not this time. I’m going to give it to you straight: If you need health insurance for 2…

RT @kionnemcghee: Over 5 million Floridians, including Republicans, Democrats, and NPAs, have instructed Secretary of State @KenDetzner to…

Meet the freshmen congresswomen of the 116th Congress. They're young, lesbian and bisexual, women of color, immigra… https://t.co/GPlTKbdEq2

We're days away from the deadline to overturn the FCC. We need to save #NetNeutrality before it's too late. https://t.co/mxRSdaprNZ

RT @SenBillNelson: The environment and the Everglades are the heart and soul of Florida. We have to do everything we can to protect them. h…

The current system has allowed groups like the NRA to control our state government for long enough! https://t.co/ncq8jfmJiK

Gun violence has become a profitable industry at the expense of American lives. It's up to us to change that. https://t.co/DJ2W7iFjom

Rep. @JaredEMoskowitz is the perfect choice to lead Florida's Department of Emergency Management. He has proven him… https://t.co/6eRi01ExT8

Women members of Congress are taking charge in Washington — like Florida's own Congresswoman @smurphycongress! https://t.co/sH986iUW7O

“By his own admission, he broke campaign finance laws by borrowing about $180,000 from two different people and the… https://t.co/QmYdJdpFag

Medicaid should be expanded, not put on the chopping block! Republicans in Tallahassee are already doing away with… https://t.co/42CXBRBba5