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RT @Fla_Pol: [email protected] lands $10 million to combat red tide via @JanelleIrwinFL https://t.co/6Kxer9wfxT #FlaPol https://t.co/q4lym02e…

#CorpsValues ✊: @Elperurrican is the son of an immigrant father–who walked from Peru to the U.S. in search of a bet… https://t.co/dZIuyBLFup

[email protected]: "[Republicans] show that they are not willing to afford women and their families the same rights… https://t.co/KbZYwanEKC

RT @TomPerez: Incredibly proud of the work @FlaDems is doing to fight back against the GOP’s voter suppression tactics and protect the righ…

@AhimsaArising Source: https://t.co/O2MNWPugiP

4. Diaz de la Portilla has a history of campaign misdeeds including an ongoing investigation over the use of public funds on his campaign.

3. Although Diaz claims he is not affiliated with the staff and the volunteers, at several points within the chat g… https://t.co/KLvp6zFO4s

2. Someone in the WhatsApp chat also posted an image of a vote-by-mail ballot and then wrote in Spanish: "Stolen, h… https://t.co/Opi7yW1cbj

1. In one message, a campaign worker posted an image of a ballot and joked it had been stolen. In another text, som… https://t.co/JAYREc0T0i

BREAKING: Leaked WhatsApp chat reveals that Miami-Dade County Commission District 5 candidate Alex Diaz de la Porti… https://t.co/srgJdM5ENg

RT @RepShalala: For nearly 50 years since #RoevWade, our nation has recognized a woman’s fundamental right to choose and care for her body.…

RT @DWStweets: A judge ruled signature matching in Florida created "a serious burden on the right to vote." ❌ Florida Republicans shortene…