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Florida’s families can’t afford anymore of Trump’s broken promises. #DefeatTrumpFL #DumpTrump2020 https://t.co/MINcqe5fGk

RT @AgentWes: Someone is waiting for @realDonaldTrump to come to #Orlando tomorrow... https://t.co/AreMOu6uqf

RT @neeratanden: Friends in Florida: please attend the anti-Trump rally taking place at his launch. https://t.co/Jy7NqQLQgj Retweet and sh…

We #DefeatTrumpFL in 2020 by registering voters. Our Press Secretary @AlexMorash updated his registration and becam… https://t.co/J01S9kRWMF

Look who just RSVP'd to #DefeatTrumpFL tomorrow! Have you? #WinWithLove #DumpTrump2020 https://t.co/9x6iyoVjHv

With Trump's reelection kicking-off, news outlets can't ignore the fact that Trump's economic record is a disaster… https://t.co/ng6wffqqCs

RT @nikkifried: Democrats, help me welcome @realDonaldTrump to Florida by reminding him what we stand for — and against. Don't grab us.…

New poll shows that when Trump arrives in Orlando this week voters will greet him with a simple message: Florida wi… https://t.co/dyzfZgZiih

#MotivationMonday Retweet if you agree there is too much at stake to stay home and you're joining us tomorrow in th… https://t.co/XIzVbfGmM9

RT @JuanPenalosa: 🙌🏽👊🏽👏🏽 https://t.co/fBd39BP2u8

RT @RepValDemings: [email protected] are taking action to improve access to health care and reduce the cost of prescription drugs. #HealthCa…

RT @RepShalala: To achieve a peaceful, democratic change in Venezuela, we’re proposing a bold approach that exposes the criminality and cor…