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RT @AnnaForFlorida: BREAKING: The effort to stop Amendment 4 & rights restoration has been BLOCKED by a federal judge!! The ruling, a preli…

RT @TerrieRizzo: Turning Florida Blue one call at a time! Our staff is hard at work phonebanking to turn out voters for the upcoming Miami…

RT @TerrieRizzo: This is appalling. Urge your Congressperson to vote to end #periodpoverty & pass the Menstrual Equity for All Act #ME4All…

#FridayThoughts: We can turn Florida blue one call at a time. Join us: https://t.co/eUNeW0GJP9 https://t.co/I0qnkLyYeF

RT @NikkiFriedFL: Effective today at sunset, I have issued temporary emergency closures of shellfish harvesting areas as #TropicalStormNest…

RT @nikkifried: Women shattering an out-of-this-world glass ceiling! 💪https://t.co/GqeWcxMVIs

RT @SeanPittmanShow: You’re in store for a great show this week! Rep. @ShevrinJones is a rockstar in the Florida #Legislature and he sits…

nah. We're good. https://t.co/j12mdK5Hlg https://t.co/7xsG6F5A0o https://t.co/Ndadx66Aur

RT @CAPAction: "That’s a clear quid pro quo — something the Trump administration has long denied existed." More from @AlexWardVox on Mick…

Saying $5 billion in "sales" gives the notion that college students were given an option in the matter. What you're… https://t.co/MHpVpdZ8Eh

RT @TomPerez: Remember when Trump and Republicans claimed their #GOPTaxScam was for middle-class families? https://t.co/s8Tycm2SxN

@RonDeSantis @RonDeSantisFL @TerrieRizzo Where there is corruption and lies we will present the truth and justice.… https://t.co/G9hJJwVHmk