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RT @FlaDems: RSVP: On Tuesday, June 18th, Trump is announcing his 2020 campaign. We'll be there to send the message that Florida is ready t…

RT @FlaDems: Trump knows that he needs Florida to win in 2020. We are not going to let that happen. Rally with us to #DefeatTrumpFL #flapol…

RT @kevinmgriffith: Sarasota Democrats up early Saturday morning training our candidates for 2020! Packed HQ!!! @jacobogles @zacjanderson @…

States like Florida could lose congressional seats and millions in federal financial assistance. https://t.co/vbPetK8d5H

RT @Fla_Pol: [email protected] talks #FlaPol on our latest #HeSaidSheSaid — live from @FlaDems #LeadershipBlue in Orlando: Whether D or R, people…

Donald Trump has waged an all-out assault on Floridians' health care, from his repeated attempts to sabotage our he… https://t.co/pLGrxHppMq

SB 168 doesn't address any issue in our state. It is a xenophobic and hateful bill that would only create harm in o… https://t.co/5vXa6NfTFz

We'll be there. Will you? https://t.co/rzL2qHGGgB https://t.co/41W0c6Jwrg

RT @orgcorps2020: Tampa!!! #RepresentYourCityCheers #OC2020 https://t.co/1Vlp3II1jK

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