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Ready to take your organizing skills to the next level? Join the @orgcorps2020 5-week paid internship and get equip… https://t.co/foP3INf3Mq

RT @NikkiFriedFL: Denying young women the moral agency to make decisions about their own bodies doesn’t promote better family communication…

RT @DemsOfOkaloosa: Jessica Stevens is in the fight to #DefeatTrumpFL because healthcare is a human right. Be like Jessica, come to an ev…

#FieldFriday: We had over 50 volunteers in Lake Worth for the Register #VoteFLDems Weekend of Action! 📋 This is h… https://t.co/b9aSJ2M24r

RT @FrancoRipple: [email protected] speaking about forced parental consent as only a mother could: “A room full of 84 men, about to push a…

RT @kionnemcghee: I’m extremely proud of our caucus today. While we are outnumbered here in the legislature, we will always fight to protec…

RT @AnnaForFlorida: My statement on the passage of SB404, legislation that would change Florida's abortion access for young people from par…

As the House voted today to dismantle the right of young women to make decisions about their own bodies, Florida De… https://t.co/QNIRBwU49i

Ron DeSantis pushed for this anti-choice bill. He and his GOP lawmakers know they passed a bill that violates our s… https://t.co/Dz0Ahxljy2

BREAKING: Florida GOP lawmakers just passed an unconstitutional bill dismantling abortion rights for young women. #FlaPol

MUST READ: "Trump is going to keep lying to us about protecting #Medicaid, #SocialSecurity, and #Medicare, but we a… https://t.co/md3zfWPq8V

TODAY: Join our Statewide Engagement and Outreach Director Chris Hill for a Facebook Live discussion on the importa… https://t.co/det1zClZKP