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RT @SenBillNelson: Most Americans who died as a result of Hurricane Maria were not killed by storm surge, rain or wind, but rather as a res…

"Our north star is not just prosperity for the Rick Scotts of the world, but shared prosperity for everyone. It's n… https://t.co/j301wZLML6

RT @TomPerez: Folks like @AndrewGillum and @NelsonForSenate will fight for the people of Puerto Rico and hold the Trump administration and…

Thanks to DNC Chair @TomPerez, Lt. Governor Nominee @ChrisKingFL, Congressman @DarrenSoto and the many other who jo… https://t.co/X1qOkPCAS7

RT @ChrisKingFL: For Mayor Gillum and I, we believe deeply that this is not just about winning an election. This is about transforming the…

RT @DarrenSoto: As a son of Puerto Rico, I take offense to Rick Scott using our people as a political prop for his stumbling campaign. We d…

Every county - every zip code matters. Kicking-off our rural tour in Haines City with @TomPerez @ChrisKingFL… https://t.co/m3yk8WIrtS

RT @Shapiro4FL16: I think it's time we take care of those who've protected this country, and we need to do everything we can to care for th…

“These aren't isolated incidents, these represent a pattern for DeSantis, and that is what's most disturbing about… https://t.co/OWiFxgi83M

RT @FLHouseVictory: Democrats are fired up and united in their mission to transform Florida from the ground up. We’re ready to #BringItHome…

RT @FLHouseVictory: Leader @kionnemcghee explains why the Florida House and Senate are key to moving Florida forward. Take a listen👇 https:…

This year, there are more qualified Democrats running across our state who are motivated to put an end to nearly 20… https://t.co/6Qx3sM3Fcv