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While Democrats continue fighting to protect Venezuelans in the US, Trump dares to visit the home of thousands of V… https://t.co/gsczuSHiKl

Trump came to Miami to hold a campaign rally, not to offer real solutions for Venezuelans suffering persecution fro… https://t.co/YJAUjFFwtO

"The governor says spending public money on private school tuition is still public education. That’s absurd." https://t.co/iGSUfjkEuv

RT @NikkiFriedFL: When someone applies for a concealed weapons permit, they should receive the full and complete background check as requir…

RT @Annette_Taddeo: Arming teachers is not popular. So why are Florida lawmakers embracing the idea? One word answer: NRA https://t.co/E6Yt…

RT @TooMuchMe: Worth noting Democrats were not invited to this #Venezuela event, including @RepDMP, who reps the district this event is hap…

"While we have President Trump coming to Miami, his administration is on the other hand deporting hundreds of Venez… https://t.co/gddvWNqsbT

"We need a strong response to the corrupt Maduro regime, but while the administration is talking about Maduro, it d… https://t.co/U7NBN5syVa

"I have challenged President Trump not to come to Florida without announcing the extension of TPS. It is very impor… https://t.co/Xwc9TwHknl

Happy #PresidentsDay to the leaders who moved America forward! https://t.co/eUallJWUrG

RT @NelsonForSenate: The Florida Legislature should quickly fix the voting law to comply with a new court ruling that says signature-mismat…

RT @RepShalala: I have a challenge for the President. Mr. President, #ExtendTPS to Venezuelans and other immigrants who have fled crises an…