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McCain Offers Florida George W. Bush "With A Few Tweaks"

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTYFor Immediate Release: September 14, 2008Tallahassee, FL -The McCain-Palin campaign finally admitted that John McCain idea of change is George W. Bush “with a few tweaks” today, proving that McCain will just give us more of the same failed Bush agenda. Buzz Jacobs, McCain-Palin Southeast Campaign Manager, told Bay News 9’s Political Connections that John McCain’s campaign has adopted the Bush-Rove playbook, or as Jacobs puts it, “the same model that George W. Bush used in 2004, with a few tweaks,” according to the St. Petersburg Times.This news comes on top of Bush-Rove style discredited ads with disgusting lies that John McCain is running across Florida, as part of McCain’s sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history. McCain’s record of voting with George W. Bush more than 90% of the time, and his proposals to continue George W. Bush’s polices show that he will give us only more of the same. “John McCain has adopted the Bush-Rove playbook, the Bush-Rove agenda, and hired the Bush-Rove team to run his campaign. Clearly, John McCain will let the Bush-Rove cronies run his Whitehouse if he wins,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff. “While Floridians might hear John McCain say the word change a few times while he is down here, we know that he will only give us more of the same failed Bush economic policies and Bush campaign tactics. The Sunshine State needs real change – the kind of change that Barack Obama is offering – so we can rebuild our economy, lower gas prices and homeowners insurance rates, and get our state back on track.”-###-

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