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Big Spender Bill Runs Up The Taxpayer's Tab

What Did Congressman Bill McCollum Put On America’s Credit Card? Answer: $1 Trillion in New Debt
For Immediate Release: March 11, 2010

Big Spender Bill Runs Up The Taxpayer’s Tab
What Did Congressman Bill McCollum Put On America’s Credit Card?Answer: $1 Trillion in New Debt
Recent news of Republican Party credit card scandals and lavish expenditures by GOP candidates only serves as a reminder of the outrageous sums Congressman Bill McCollum charged to the American taxpayers while in Washington. “Big Spending Congressman Bill McCollum ran up the taxpayers’ tab in Washington, supporting debt increases that cost over $1 trillion dollars in interest payments alone,” said Eric Jotkoff, Florida Democratic Party spokesman. “Bill McCollum ran up the charges on America’s credit card. How can we trust him with our tax dollars, seeing how much debt he heaped on our country in Congress?”
Keeping practice with his big spending Washington ways, McCollum has been notably absent of any innovative budget-cutting ideas for the Sunshine State.THE DEBT LIMIT INCREASES CONGRESSMAN McCOLLUM VOTED FOR HAVE COST AT LEAST OVER $1 TRILLION DOLLARSMcCollum Voted In Favor of Debt Increases That Cost Over $1 Trillion in Interest Payments.  Four of McCollum’s votes in favor of increasing the federal debt limit permitted the total debt to increase by more than $2 trillion.  Through 2010, the interest paid on that debt has totaled more than $1 trillion. (White House Office of Management and Budget; 1987 HJ Res 324, vote 330; 1989 HJ Res 280, vote 336; 1996 HR 3136, vote 102; 1997 HR 2015, vote 345)BILL McCOLLUM–WHERE ARE THE IDEAS?Orlando Sentinel:  McCollum Has Yet To Propose “A Single Budget-Cutting Or Job-Creating Idea”.   A column in the Orlando Sentinel opined: “The Republican running, Attorney General Bill McCollum, has been seizing on big, national issues that the Governor’s Office has little direct involvement in…McCollum hasn’t yet proposed a single budget-cutting or job-creating idea, focusing instead on his virulent opposition to the Democrats’ health-care expansion.”  (Orlando Sentinel, 01/31/10)

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