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Floridians Offered 1.7 Billion Reasons to Hold Rick Scott Accountable

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2010
Floridians Offered 1.7 Billion Reasons to Hold Rick Scott Accountable
Since Republican candidate and disgraced businessman Rick Scott recently asked supporters to pick up their free “accountability buttons,” the Florida Democratic Party today decided to offer Floridians a real chance to hold Rick Scott accountable for the historic fraud his company committed and the $1.7 billion his company was forced to pay for defrauding the government.
The Florida Democratic Party is encouraging Floridians to join the “Hold Rick Scott Accountable” Facebook group, put a “Hold Rock Scott Accountable” button on their Facebook pages, and learn more about Rick Scott’s history of sordid business practices.

“While we are confused why someone whose company pled guilty to 14 counts of fraud would want to discuss accountability, we’re happy to oblige,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Eric Jotkoff.  “Rick Scott may think his button-size slogans about government accountability will hide his disgraceful record of defrauding the government, but Floridians will not be fooled.”
Scott was forced to resign as head of Columbia-HCA in 1997 after fraud charges were filed against his company.  He resigned two weeks after federal agents raided 18 Columbia-HCA hospitals in six states.  Columbia-HCA eventually pled guilty to 14 counts of fraud and paid over $1.7 billion in civil and criminal penalties, the largest fine in history at that time. To view a video detailing Rick Scott’s offenses:

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