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Rick Scott Refuses to Learn from BP's Mistakes, Continues to Push More Oil Drilling

For Immediate Release: June 11, 2010
Rick Scott Refuses to Learn from BP’s Mistakes, Continues to Push More Oil Drilling
Since oil began spilling into the Gulf of Mexico over fifty days ago, most of Florida’s Republican politicians have stopped chanting “Drill Baby, Drill” as they scramble to hide their previous push to drill off Florida. Yet Rick Scott, the current frontrunner for the Republican Gubernatorial nod, has been a rare exception among Florida Republicans in remaining consistent in calling for expanded drilling and he continues fighting to build oil derricks near our beaches. 
“As he attempts to excuse the massive fraud he oversaw at Columbia/HCA, Rick Scott has spent millions of dollars telling Floridians that he learns from his mistakes. But, Scott’s refusal to learn from BP’s mistake that is causing a disaster in the Gulf shows how out of line he is with the needs of our state,” Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Eric Jotkoff said.  “Florida’s small business owners have taken the economic blows of this oil spill for weeks now, yet disgraced executive Rick Scott continues his out of touch and dangerous fight to drill off Florida’s beaches. Until he admits more oil drilling is wrong for Florida, we will fight to hold Rick Scott accountable.”
Rick Scott’s Doesn’t Learn from BP’s Mistake:
Rick Scott: It’s “Not Realistic” To Ban Offshore Drilling. According to the Buzz, at a June 10, 2010 Duval County Women’s Republican Club reception Scott “said he is in favor of offshore drilling, noting it’s ‘not realistic’ to ban the practice.” (The Buzz, St. Petersburg Times, 6/10/10)
Rick Scott: “My Position On Offshore Drilling Is This: As A Country, And As A State, We Need To Do Everything We Can To Become Energy Independent.” On June 4, 2010, Rick Scott’s Campaign Staff included a video clips to Scott’s recent campaign trail visit to Wings Plus, where a seated Scott gave the following answer on oil drilling: “My position on offshore drilling is this: As a country, and as a state, we need to do everything we can to become energy independent. We have to.” (Rick Scott Website, Blog page, Posted 6/4/10)
Rick Scott: “We Have To Do Offshore Drilling”. On May 26, 2010, Michael Putney asked Scott if he believed that offshore oil drilling can be done safely, Scott answered “Absolutely, we have to become energy independent, financial security or national security, we have to become energy independent. Now we have to look at nuclear, we have to look at alternative fuels and we have to do offshore drilling, but we have to do it safe.” (WPLG-TV, 5/26/2010)

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