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Florida Democratic Party Statement Regarding President Obama's Oval Office Address on the BP Oil Spi

For Immediate Release: June 15, 2010
Florida Democratic Party Statement Regarding President Obama’s Oval Office Address on the BP Oil Spill
Tonight, President Obama addressed the American people from the Oval Office.  In his remarks, the President discussed the Administration’s ongoing response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Administration’s efforts to ensure Gulf Coast residents are compensated for damages resulting from the BP spill, and the steps the Administration is taking to prevent future spills like this one.  Following the President’s address, Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Eric Jotkoff issued the following statement:
“In his address tonight, President Obama reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is contained; that the oil is cleaned up; that the people, environment, and economy of the Gulf Coast are protected; and that BP responds to all legitimate damages claims for individuals and businesses impacted by the spill.
“From day one, the President has acted decisively to coordinate the most effective possible federal response to the BP oil spill.  To that end, federal personnel have worked hard to mitigate the damage resulting from this ongoing catastrophe and, as the President noted this evening, they will continue to do everything necessary to stop the leak and restore the Gulf.  However, the President believes that it is not enough just to clean up this spill.  The damages to the Gulf Coast – to our economy, our wildlife, and especially our people – are simply too great to allow the risk of another spill to remain.  So to that end, the President is also working to prevent future oil spills that could damage American oceans and Florida’s beaches.
“In his address this evening, the President outlined new measures that will help to ensure America’s environmental security and energy future, including tougher enforcement of existing safety standards, a review of those standards, and the progress through Congress of a comprehensive energy and climate bill.  That bill, in particular, would help develop clean energy industries by establishing incentives that would make clean energy development more profitable. We urge all Floridians to support comprehensive energy legislation, so we can finally free our nation from our addition to oil and so such a disaster will never happen again.”

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