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Meet the REAL Craig Miller

Candidate Puts Own Bottom Line ahead of Central Florida Families NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY
For Immediate Release: June 17, 2010
Meet the REAL Craig Miller
Candidate Puts Own Bottom Line ahead of Central Florida Families
Today, Craig Miller, the darling of the Washington Republican establishment, began spending the multi-million-dollar bailout he received for his stint as a failed CEO to try to erase his history of putting his own bottom line ahead of the interests of Central Florida families and workers. The Real Craig Miller opposes common-sense limits on drunk driving, was fired as CEO of Ruth Chris Steakhouse for poor financial management, and was given a multi-million dollar severance package.
“Miller thinks he can spend his way out of his past and convince voters he shares their interests, but clearly the only thing he’s concerned about is his own wallet,” said Eric Jotkoff, Florida Democratic Party spokesman. “Central Floridians want someone on their side, fighting for their issues and values in Washington, not a politician like Craig Miller who will always put himself first.”
Craig Miller’s Record:
Chided the liquor industry for siding with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In 2001, Miller criticized the liquor industry for siding with Mothers Against Drunk Driving for trying to mandate a federal blood alcohol level. In a 2000 article, Miller questioned lowering legal blood alcohol levels.  “Once 0.08 becomes law, why not 0.05 or 0.02?” Miller asked. “The day the American public feels they are committing an illegal act by consuming an adult beverage and driving home will be the day our industry is hurt by all of this.” Miller declined comment and referred questions to the National Republican Congressional Committee.” [Orlando Sentinel, 2/11/2010]
Golden parachute…for bad management. “On Tuesday, Democratic strategists circulated newspaper stories from 2008 about the multimillion-dollar severance agreement Miller received after being fired from his job as CEO of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Those sources described the agreement as a ‘golden parachute … for bad management.’  The same sources also pointed out that Miller isn’t registered to vote in the 24th district but rather the neighboring 7th.” [CQ-Roll Call, 2/17/2010]
Displeased with Miller’s financial stewardship of the company. “A spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sniped about Miller’s departure from the high-end restaurant chain. Said Jesse Ferguson: ‘Really? Republicans think the solution to challenges in Washington is to run a failed CEO who can’t successfully manage a business.'” [Orlando Sentinel, 2/4/2010] In April 2008, Miller was sacked as chairman, chief executive and president of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, the upscale-steakhouse chain, by the company’s board. According to some reports, the board was “displeased with Miller’s financial stewardship of the company and, as a result, had voted previously to deny him and his executives bonuses for 2007.” [Nation’s Restaurant News, 5/26/08]

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