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Whitewashing of McCollum, Thrasher, Haridopolos & Cannon's Alleged Crimes

For Immediate Release: July 1, 2010
Whitewashing of McCollum, Thrasher, Haridopolos & Cannon’s Alleged Crimes
Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Eric Jotkoff released the following statement after completing a comprehensive review of the documents released from the criminal case against indicted RPOF Chairman Jim Greer, including a review by grassroots activists after the Florida Democratic Party posted the documents online. The documents suggested that the investigation is being deliberately steered away from Bill McCollum, Dean Cannon, Mike Haridopolos and John Thrasher’s alleged crimes in the case:
“While Floridians once again see why there needs to be a full and independent investigation into the massive corruption at the Republican Party of Florida, the Republican politicians that control Tallahassee are pulling out all the stops to block an honest investigation. Because it is increasingly clear that the Republican politicians currently controlling Tallahassee and this investigation are whitewashing over clear involvement by Bill McCollum, Dean Cannon, Mike Haridopolos and John Thrasher, the only way Floridians will get justice is to throw the corrupt Republicans out this fall.”

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