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Florida Democratic Party Chair Praises President Obama's Signing of Wall Street Reform Legislation

For Immediate Release: July 21, 2010
Florida Democratic Party Chair Praises President Obama’s Signing of Wall Street Reform Legislation
Today, President Obama held a signing ceremony for the recently-passed Wall Street reform legislation.  Following that ceremony, Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman issued the following statement:
“Wall Street reform is a victory for every Floridian who has ever puzzled over the fine print on a mortgage or credit card offer and every American whose retirement savings were impacted by the financial crisis. It is a victory for every taxpayer and every honest business. Wall Street reform will end abusive lending practices, bring Wall Street’s financial dealings into the light and under regulation, guarantee that American taxpayers are never again left holding the bag for risky trades, and secure the foundation for stable economic growth. These are critical common-sense reforms, but nonetheless, the vast majority of Republicans in Congress voted against them. Now, Republicans are calling for the repeal of this vital legislation.
“Republicans have made it clear – they’re going to stand up for Wall Street lobbyists and other powerful special interests no matter the cost to middle-class Americans.  If they have the opportunity, they’ll repeal all the progress enacted by President Obama and return to the failed policies of the Bush era – the same policies that led to the financial crisis in the first place. That’s why, this year, it is so important that people here in Florida and all across America support strong Democratic leaders who will stand with the President to overcome Republican obstructionism and continue to move America forward.”

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