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Rick Scott's 6 Day, 7-7-7 Gaffe Fest Ends

For Immediate Release: July 26, 2010
Rick Scott’s 6 Day, 7-7-7 Gaffe Fest Ends
Today, disgraced executive Rick Scott concludes his week-long “7-7-7” bus tour – on Day 6.  We know from his tenure at Columbia/HCA that math isn’t Scott’s strong suit, but we suppose he had enough of pushing the economic plan that even his own campaign admits exaggerated his job creation numbers.
“It’s hard to figure out where to begin when discussing Rick Scott’s disastrous bus tour over the last week,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party.  “From getting physical with reporters and denying access to the candidate, to criticizing his party’s presumptive Senate nominee, to suggesting he is open to helping the birthers spread their ridiculous claims,  and even sounding racially insensitive himself, the only thing Rick Scott has made clear on this tour is he is not ready for prime time.
“Rick Scott continues giving Floridians countless reasons not to elect him Governor beyond the fact that he oversaw a company that pled guilty to the largest Medicare fraud in American history,” Jotkoff added.  “Rick Scott’s complete absence of integrity, vision, and values is starting to catch up with him as Floridians see a candidate who is simply wrong for Florida.”
The tour has raised serious questions about Scott’s readiness to be Florida Governor as he was repeatedly criticized for gaffes made as he limped across the state.  The first controversy surrounded a campaign stop in Miami, where Scott staffers physically blocked a legendary Miami reporter from him after the reporter interviewed Scott’s mother.  Scott’s campaign responded by criticizing the reporter, saying he “hip-check(ed) a pregnant woman.”  WKMG in Orlando said video from the event “directly refutes” the campaign’s allegation.
And if accusing a reporter of physically assaulting a pregnant woman was not enough, Scott then stirred up trouble in his own party when discussing presumptive Republican US Senate nominee Marco Rubio, saying “Marco has lost momentum.”  This comes on top of Scott offering vague answers when he was asked in The Villages whether or not he believed President Obama is a United States citizen.  Following that, at a campaign breakfast in Clearwater, Scott drew fire for saying a “school’s color” is an indicative factor in the issues the school faces.
Maybe it’s a good thing Scott’s week ended a day early.

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