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Scott and McCollum Deny Science as Sink Announces Bold Energy Plan

For Immediate Release: July 27, 2010
Scott and McCollum Deny Science as Sink Announces Bold Energy Plan
Alex Sink today rolled out a comprehensive energy plan that will create new jobs and lead Florida away from a fossil fuel based future.  The economic and environmental effects from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrate the urgent need for alternative energy and Alex Sink proved yet again today that she is the only candidate running for Governor with the bold plan and keen understanding of the vital issues facing Florida.
While Sink was rolling out her energy plan, the Republican candidates for Governor continued their practice of denying basic facts and offering disproven rhetoric. Yesterday, the St. Petersburg Times reported that disgraced executive Rick Scott does not believe in climate change, saying “I have not been convinced.”  Scott, whose former company pled guilty to the largest Medicare fraud in American history after Scott was forced to resign as CEO, is following career politician Bill McCollum’s lead in ignoring the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change.  McCollum is on record saying “the science is not all in.” 
“Rick Scott and Bill McCollum are highlighting everyday that not only are they out of touch with the issues and priorities facing Florida, but with reality itself,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party.  “Considering they refuse to accept proven facts like climate change, at this rate Floridians shouldn’t be surprised if one of them soon denies the moon landing or the existence of gravity.”
“Every day the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatens our beaches and hurts our economy and environment,”  Jotkoff added.  “With an oil spill in the Gulf and hurricane season threatening us, Florida needs a Governor like Alex Sink who takes science seriously and will address  critical issues like climate change.  Now is not the time for career politicians and disgraced executives who would rather pander to their extreme base then take action on threats to Florida’s economy and security.”
Rick Scott On Global Warming:  “I Have Not Been Convinced.”  “Rick Scott said science does not support global warming. Asked if he believes in climate change, he said ‘No.’ ‘I have not been convinced,’ he said. Asked what he needs to convince him, ‘Something more convincing than what I’ve read.'”  [St. Petersburg Times, The Buzz, 07/26/10]
McCollum On Global Warming:  “The Science Is Not All In.” Bill McCollum is skeptical that global warming is a threat to Florida and the world.  McCollum sent a memo to the Governor and cabinet stating that “the science is not all in” on the subject.  He included a copy of the DVD The Great Global Warming Swindle and urged his colleagues to watch it. [St. Petersburg Times, 12/30/07]

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