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10 Questions for First Debate of 2010: Shady Executive vs. Career Politician

For Immediate Release: Aug. 2, 2010
10 Questions for First Debate of 2010: Shady Executive vs. Career Politician
As the Republican candidates for Florida Governor face off for the first time today at a taped Univision debate in Miami, we know disgraced executive Rick Scott and career politician Bill McCollum will likely continue to evade reporters’ questions and hide from their records.  To facilitate a debate useful to the citizens of our state, the Florida Democratic Party has 10 questions for the first debate of 2010 (note: to date, neither Rick Scott nor Bill McCollum has truly answered any of these questions.)
“Given Rick Scott’s record overseeing the largest Medicare fraud in American history and Bill McCollum using taxpayer dollars to further his own political career during the 30 years he’s been in politics, it’s time they stop evading and start providing answers,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party.
10 Questions for First Debate of 2010:
1.    Rick Scott — You say that you did not know about the systemic fraud at Columbia/HCA when you led the company.  How can you be Governor of the fourth largest state if you did not know about a systemic fraud scheme taking place in the company you founded and led?
2.    Bill McCollum — Considering that your own attorneys strongly urged you not to hire discredited witness George Rekers, whose previous testimony in another state was labeled “faulty”, to testify in favor of Florida’s ban on homosexual adoption, why did you personally push for Rekers to be hired by the State of Florida?
3.    Rick Scott — You have been criticized for investing in companies whose business practices directly contradict your stated policy positions.  Your response has been to plead ignorance of your investments.  How can you serve as Florida’s chief executive if you have failed to monitor your own investments?
4.    Bill McCollum – You spent over $2 million of state funds on campaign-style TV ads where you were featured in almost every frame, and that were produced with a no-bid contract by your political consultant.  Do you think this was the best use of this state money?
5.    Rick Scott – Last month the St. Petersburg Times reported that you undervalued your financial worth by at least $32 million.  Why did you not report your full worth on required financial disclosure forms?
6.    Bill McCollum — On June 17 at the Florida News Editors Forum, you said “I’m not sure the Legislature is the place for open government,” when asked about increasing open government laws in the State Legislature.  Why don’t you think legislative business should be open to the public?
7.    Rick Scott – Did you really not know there were problems at Columbia/HCA hospitals regarding physician investors when for three years the company’s annual reports openly acknowledged Columbia/HCA could be subject to “enforcement actions?”
8.    Bill McCollum– You said earlier this year, “I don’t think it’s good for any political party to be having everything that’s done inside the party open to the public and the press,” in discussing the ongoing scandals at the Republican Party.  Given the serious allegations surrounding the RPOF that have resulted in former Party Chairman Jim Greer being indicted, are you still against transparency in political parties?
9.    Rick Scott – You have barely lived in Florida long enough to meet the constitutional requirement for being Governor, and you have made it known that you are still learning about the state, even openly acknowledging that you don’t know the names of Florida’s 67 counties.  Can you tell us what specific civic or community service activities in Florida that you were engaged in before you decided to run for Governor of the state?
10. Bill McCollum – In Congress you were an advocate for term limits for politicians.  Given that you have been in politics for 30 years, exactly how many terms would you limit politicians to?

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