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Florida Democrats Releases New Web Video, 5 Questions for Scandal Plagued David Rivera

For Immediate Release: Aug. 24, 2010
Florida Democrats Releases New Web Video, 5 Questions for Scandal Plagued David Rivera
The Florida Democratic Party today launched a new web video slamming Congressional Candidate and Tallahassee Politician David Rivera on his alleged history of domestic violence and reckless behavior.
The video entitled “David Rivera – You Say It Wasn’t You?,” highlights the fact that Rivera has come under fire for his alleged history of domestic violence, running a delivery truck off the road to prevent a rival candidate’s campaign literature from being mailed, and for lying about foreclosure proceedings on a home he and Marco Rubio co-own.  The allegations were first exposed in investigative reports by the Miami Herald and CBS 4 Miami.
In conjunction with the video, the Florida Democratic Party also called on Rivera to finally address 5 simple questions.  Since reports surfaced about Rivera’s crash last week, the South Florida Republican has refused to discuss his conflicting stories or come entirely clean about the incident.   The party is specifically asking:

  1. Why did you crash your car into a mail van, forcing it off the road, that was carrying your Republican opponent’s fliers linking you to a domestic violence case?
  2. How do you reconcile the contradictions between your account of what happened and the Florida Highway Patrol police report? Rivera told CBS 4 that the incident took place on the shoulder of the road, but the police report specifically noted the took place in the middle of the Palmetto Expressway during rush hour traffic.
  3. If the accident was just an innocent fender-bender, why did you call your attorney Juan Judas Cordero to the scene?
  4. If Juan Judas Cordero was never your attorney, why did he tell CBS 4 that he was and that he cannot release more information on the incident due to attorney client privilege? Can Mr. Cordero now speak freely regarding the case?
  5. Why are you refusing to be interviewed about these discrepancies in your story?

To view the video, click here


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