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Florida Democratic Party Launches

For Immediate Release: Aug. 26, 2010
Florida Democratic Party Launches
The Florida Democratic Party today launched, a website highlighting the scandals and lies that have encompassed Republican David Rivera’s (FL-25) campaign in recent days. The website shows that David Rivera isn’t fit to represent South Florida in Congress.  
Though Rivera has come under fire in recent days for allegations of domestic violence, documents a much wider range of unethical behavior.  This includes Rivera’s role in a traffic accident where he drove truck carrying flyers from a rival campaign was off the road, foreclosure proceedings on a home he co-owns, and Rivera’s history of lying about his behavior.
“The scandals surrounding his campaign and the lies that go with each show that David Rivera can’t be trusted,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Eric Jotkoff. “As makes crystal clear, David Rivera’s scandal-plagued past is wrong for South Florida.”
To visit the new website, click here:  
Rivera’s explanation for past domestic violence allegations was discredited. Despite Rivera’s denials, the Miami Herald discovered that David Rivera did in fact have ties to the victim in question. [Miami Herald, 8/19/10]
Rivera’s explanation for a traffic accident where a truck carrying literature from a rival campaign was driven off the road was discredited.  CBS 4 Miami reported that police reports contradicted Rivera’s story about his role in the 2002 accident.  In the incident, a truck carrying flyers from a rival campaign, detailing alleged domestic violence charges, was driven off the road by David Rivera.   [CBS 4 Miami, 8/17/10]
Rivera’s explanation for foreclosure proceedings on a home he co-owns with Marco Rubio was discredited. According to CBS 4 Miami,  Rivera “denied that a bank began foreclosure proceedings on a house he owned with former House Speaker Marco Rubio even though property and foreclosure records clearly showed he did co-own the home.” [CBS 4 Miami, 8/17/10]
Rivera’s explanation for his ties to a local businessman was discredited. As CBS 4 Miami reported, Rivera “denied to the Miami Herald being friends with a principal of a group that advises companies on how to trade with Cuba despite several prominent witnesses who said the two men were close.” [CBS 4 Miami, 8/17/10]

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