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Campaign for Accountability 2010 Unity Rallies Receive Wide Coverage

For Immediate Release: Aug. 29, 2010
Campaign for Accountability 2010 Unity Rallies Receive Wide Coverage
Please see below for coverage of the Campaign for Accountability Unity Rallies on August 28th. Statewide Democratic candidates and supporters came together to relay a message of unity Saturday.  Floridians have had enough of the corruption and out-of-touch antics by Tallahassee politicians. This year Democrats are united in the fight to hold the Republicans who have taken our state down the wrong path accountable. This November, Floridians will elect Democratic leaders across Florida who are fighting to clean up the Republican mess in Tallahassee, to bring good jobs to the Sunshine State, improve our public schools and to get our state back on track.
Orlando Sentinel (Eloisa Ruano Gonzalez) “Florida Democrats get a head start on the unity tour”:  Even as Florida’s Republicans pull themselves together after Naples millionaire Rick Scott’s gubernatorial victory Tuesday, the state’s Democrats hit the campaign trail Saturday by covering the pivotal Interstate 4 corridor with their entire ticket onboard. Before they gathered on one stage at the University of Central Florida, members of the group made a stop in Tampa to convince voters they’re united and ready to clean out Tallahassee. Loafing (Mitch Perry) “Theme at Dems Unity rally in Tampa: Throw the GOP bums out of Tallahassee”:  “We’re the party of unity, and they’re the party of the circular firing squad,” Aronberg said, alluding to the fact that Bill McCollum still has yet to endorse Rick Scott for governor. “We’re the party of hope, and they’re the party of fear. We’re the party that put up a gubernatorial candidate that protects taxpayers, and they’re putting up someone known for bilking taxpayers,” he continued, in a reference to Scott’s troubles with Columbia/HCA, a theme that though ultimately not successful for McCollum, will undoubtedly be a key Democratic party talking point in Florida until November. Channel 10 News (Melvin Beal) “Democrats hold two rallies to emphasize unity and accountability”: While members of the Florida Republican party are busy mending fences, state democratic leaders met in the Bay area to talk about their own party unity and accountability. News Journal (Bill Cotterell) “State Democrats meet to show party unity”: ” Florida Democrats kicked off their run to November’s elections on Saturday with a spirited show of party unity and promises to reverse a dozen years of Republican rule in state government. Our grassroots can beat Rick Scott any day — any day,” Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the nominee for governor, told about 350 party activists in a sweltering pavilion of the Florida State Fairgrounds. Herald (Kim Wilmath) “’Fired up’ candidates rally their base”: “We’ve got an extremely great slate of possibilities.” One by one the candidates took turns rallying the crowd. First up: Scott Maddox, candidate for commissioner for Agriculture and Consumer Services.  “Are you fired up?” Maddox growled into the microphone. “Are you fired up and ready to go?” He was followed by Rod Smith, candidate for lieutenant governor, attorney general candidate Dan Gelber and Loranne Ausley, candidate for chief financial officer.  Then it was the heavyweights, gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink and Kendrick Meek, running for U.S. Senate. ABC Action News (Elizabeth Dinh) “Florida democrats call for unity at Tampa rally”: After an hour-long drive from Spring Hill, 67-year-old Carole Chandler, a life-long Democrat, said she just couldn’t wait to see candidates Alex Sink and Kendrick Meek. “This is a tough time.” Chandler said, “I took the initiative to come and see the candidates ’cause I did vote for them in the primary.” Carole anxiously waited at the Democratic Party’s unity rally at the Tampa fairgrounds. Signs and colorful stickers were present thorough out the crowd as the candidates spoke. “When we have individuals that are trying to divide the state of Florida versus bring us together, we cannot afford those voices to win in this election.” Meek told the crowd of several hundred.–Tampa Tribune (William March) “Sink to Dems: Grassroots, not money will win election”: “Our grassroots can beat Rick Scott’s money any day – any day,” Sink told the crowd. Afterward, she told reporters Scott should come forward for statewide, televised debates in the general election campaign, which he wouldn’t do in the primary. Asked whether the strategy Scott used to beat McCollum – spending $50 million of his own money, and avoiding a high-profile debate – can beat her as well, Sink said, “Absolutely not.” Tampa Bay (Jeremy Campbell) “Democrats hold Bay area rally”: This rally marks a second wind in election season.  Voter Tishia Dunham said, “We’re hitting the rest button, starting all over and I’m just asking everyone to please remember our local candidates as well.” Candidates for the top offices in the state joined hands with local candidates. After a win in the Democratic primary, U.S. Senate hopeful Kendrick Meek is using his momentum to back fellow Democrats in local races. “Unity is very, very important. If anyone was to look at the Democratic ticket the statewide ticket there’s a lot of experience there. We have mayors. We have legislators. We have individuals who have been involved in public service for a very long time now,” said Meek.

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