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The Top 3 Questions Republican Insiders Should Ask Before They Embrace Rick Scott NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY For Immediate Release: Aug. 30, 2010
The Top 3 Questions Republican Insiders Should Ask Before They Embrace Rick Scott
This week, disgraced executive Rick Scott is on his “unity” tour with Republican insiders, cozying up to the corrupt establishment Scott decried just a week ago.  But defeated rival Bill McCollum has refused to endorse the GOP nominee, saying that he has serious “questions” about Scott’s honesty and character.  There are some serious questions other Florida Republican leaders should ask Scott before they wrap their arms around him at this week’s unity rallies.
“While Rick Scott ‘merges’ with the corrupt party leaders he previously criticized, these politicians should first settle some outstanding questions they previously had about Rick Scott,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party.  “While the special interest insiders and corrupt Tallahassee Republican establishment panic to hold on to power, they should pause for a minute and join Attorney General McCollum in asking questions about what Rick Scott is hiding.”
Top Three Questions Republican Insiders Should Ask Rick Scott BEFORE They Embrace Him:
1.    WERE YOUR AUDITORS INVOLVED IN FRAUD? Rick Scott routinely says he should have hired more auditors when asked about the historic levels of Medicare fraud conducted at Columbia/HCA under his leadership. How can Scott use that excuse when there are reports that his auditors were complicit and also investigated in committing the fraud?  

2.    WILL YOU RELEASE THE DEPOSITION? Rick Scott was deposed just six days before he announced his candidacy for Governor regarding criminal allegations at Scott’s new company Solantic. After that information was reported, numerous Republican legislators wrote to Scott asking him to withdraw from the race if he would not release the deposition. Will Scott release the deposition now, or do these leaders still think Scott should withdraw from the race?

3.    WHY WEREN’T YOU QUESTIONED? Rick Scott’s cover for his connections to the Medicare fraud which caused him to be forced out of Columbia/HCA and led to the company paying the largest Medicare fraud fine in history is that he was “never even questioned.”  Yet there are reports that Scott was scheduled to be deposed by the federal government. How did Rick Scott get out of answering questions about the rampant and systematic fraud in his company?


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