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In His Own Words, Rick Scott is Now the Insiders’ Insider

For Immediate Release: Aug. 31, 2010
In His Own Words, Rick Scott is Now the Insiders’ Insider
Today the Republican establishment continues to walk back its rhetoric against disgraced healthcare CEO Rick Scott in its desperate attempt to prevent Alex Sink from holding politicians accountable in Tallahassee. 
It’s important to remind Floridians of what the GOP establishment said about Scott right up until the Primary last week (not surprising given his shady past, highlighted in the latest Campaign for Accountability 2010 web video: “Rick Scott’s Negatives.”) It’s also more important to remember what Rick Scott said about them.  From calling Haley Barbour an “insider” to running full-page ads linking actions by Cannon and Haridopolos to indicted Republican Party Boss Jim Greer, Scott is now showing his true colors by embracing these backroom politicians.
“Rick Scott’s embrace of the Tallahassee Republican cartel proves yet again that he’s willing to say and do anything just to help himself,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Campaign for Accountability 2010.  “Rick Scott’s only agenda is personal gain – aligning perfectly with the corrupt Republican leadership in our state and making him the true insiders’ insider.”
Rick Scott’s Own Words About His Insider Supporters:
Scott’s Campaign Called Haley Barbour an “Insider.”  In response to a Rick Scott ad attacking the corruption at the RPOF, Republican Governors Association chairman and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour called the ad a flat-out lie. “The Scott campaign responded by calling Barbour another ‘insider’ rushing to defend one of its own.” [Orlando Sentinel, 8/19/2010]
Rick Scott: “Career Politicians Are Trying To Pacify Everybody.” Rick Scott stated: “Career politicians are trying to pacify everybody rather than standing for what they believe in.” [Tampa Tribune, 6/11/2010]
Rick Scott: “The Tallahassee Insiders And Special Interests Have Controlled For Far Too Long.” Rick Scott stated: “We need more people who will actively shake up the political establishment that the Tallahassee insiders and special interests have controlled for far too long.” [Orlando Sentinel, 5/25/10]
Rick Scott: “The Professional Politicians Have Failed Us At Every Level.” Rick Scott released the following written statement: “The professional politicians have failed us at every level.” [Naples Daily News, 4/14/10]
Rick Scott: Florida Needs A Governor Who Is Not Concerned About “Brokering Backroom Deals.”  “It is time we had a governor who was more concerned about getting Floridians jobs than brokering backroom deals for his next job.” [Rick Scott Press Release, 4/13/10]

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