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Rick Scott Right At Home with Political Insiders

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTYFor Immediate Release: Aug. 31, 2010
Rick Scott Right At Home with Political Insiders
Stories around the state prove Rick Scott’s glaring hypocrisy as he cozies up to career politicians, special interest insiders and the corrupt Republican Party he previously criticized.  Seems it took less than a week for Rick Scott reveal himself as the ultimate Tallahassee Insider.
Rick Scott, Mr. Outsider, on the verge of being kingpin of insiders (Adam C. Smith- St Peterburg Times)
Watching the passel of legislators fawn over Scott at a finance meeting Monday at the University Club in Tampa, it was clear that Mr. Outsider is on the verge of being the kingpin of insiders. After criticizing McCollum for having Tallahassee insiders and special interests bankroll his campaign, Scott is now beckoning lobbyists for contributions and schmoozing with legislative leaders and “Tallahassee insiders” he used to scorn.
Outsider Scott surrounds himself with GOP insiders (William March- The Tampa Tribune)
Rick Scott, who ran for the Republican nomination for governor as an outsider bashing politicians, surrounded himself with political insiders today as he and party leaders — his bitter enemies a week ago…Scott said he would work to help other GOP political veterans in their campaigns, despite his having bashed “career politicians” in his primary campaign.
Career politicians coming to Jacksonville with Rick Scott (Matt Dixon- Florida Times-Union)
What is interesting about the announcement is that Scott ran his primary campaign as an outsider, and chided Bill McCollum for being a career politician.  Those same sort of career politicians are now stumping for Scott.
GOP not talking fraud now that Rick Scott is nominee for governor (Christopher Collette- WTSP) 
There’s a word Republicans are no longer using when they talk about gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott: fraud.  Many in the Republican establishment backed Attorney General Bill McCollum in the primary as McCollum repeatedly pointed out Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA when it settled criminal Medicare fraud charges by paying $1.7 billion.  But on Monday, the Republican establishment stood with Scott.
Scott hires McCollum’s insider campaign-finance team (Aaron Deslatte- Orlando Sentinel)
Now that he’s the party standard-bearer, Scott is wasting no time in embracing both the party leaders who arranged to finance McCollum’s campaign, as well as the Republican insiders and check-bundlers who actually raised that money.  Scott has already met with dozens of lobbyists and informed them he would rather raise cash through their client lists and traditional party donors…And one of the first orders of business at Scott’s campaign headquarters last week was to hire up all of McCollum’s state-party-financed fundraising team, so he could essentially implement McCollum’s general election fundraising plan.

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