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Scott Brings Up Even More Questions for Floridians with Carroll's LG Rollout

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTYFor Immediate Release: Sept. 3, 2010
Scott Brings Up Even More Questions for Floridians with Carroll’s LG Rollout
As news reports showed, Scott’s insider selection of Jennifer Carroll as his running mate in his race to defraud Floridians and take our state in the wrong direction hit more potholes than his botched bus tour or knee-jerk Solantic press conference. 
After reportedly failing to convince Republican after Republican including first choice Paula Dockery to be his running mate, Scott finally found someone willing to serve as an accomplice in his campaign to help himself, instead of the people of Florida.  But as the coverage showed, from her lack of results in the legislature, to questions about ‘blemishes in her own record,’ to video of her bashing Rick Scott, Carroll was anything but a smart choice for the disgraced executive. 
“Amazingly, Rick Scott was able to top his train wrecks in his primary campaign with his announcement of his running mate – which according to independent sources left ‘many questions unanswered,'” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Campaign for Accountability 2010.  “From reports of about half a dozen candidates who rejected being considered as Scott’s running mate, to video of Scott’s pick questioning his leadership and motives less than a month ago, to Carroll having difficulty pointing to a single accomplishment in her lengthy career in the Legislature, when it comes to Rick Scott’s LG choice, he may as well plead the fifth.”
As if the Carroll’s difficulty pointing out accomplishments in her own record weren’t enough, her statements regarding Scott are even worse.  Unfortunately for Scott, his choice for Lieutenant Governor was not only a vocal supporter and chair of a supporter group for Bill McCollum, who still refuses to endorse Scott because of questions about Scott’s “character.”  Carroll even criticized Scott when campaigning for McCollum, saying, “We do not need that seat to be a seat where you’re learning, to be a seat where it’s for personal gain, to be a seat where the residents and the citizens of the state of Florida will be negatively impacted because of a lack of vision.”  
Just Weeks Before Selecting Her To Be His Ticketmate, Jennifer Carroll Implied That Rick Scott Would Use The Governor’s Office “For Personal Gain.”  Addressing Clay County Republicans in August, Jennifer Carroll spoke out against Rick Scott: “We do not need that seat to be a seat where you’re learning, to be a seat where it’s for personal gain, to be a seat where the residents and the citizens of the state of Florida will be negatively impacted because of the lack of vision.” [Palm Beach Post, 9/2/10]
Times/Herald: “Carroll Does Not Have A Distinguished Record As A Lawmaker.” In August, 2010 the Times/Herald reported: “Carroll does not have a distinguished record as a lawmaker but has compiled a solidly pro-business voting record and was unchallenged in a bid for a fourth term this fall.” [Times/Herald, 9/2/10]
When Asked About Her Proudest Moments As A Lawmaker, Carroll Failed To Provide Any Examples. When asked about some of her proudest moments as a lawmaker, she encouraged a reporter to do some research.  “I don’t only have one,” she said. “I have many, and you can certainly look up my resume.” [Florida Times-Union, 9/2/10]
A String Of Republican Lawmakers Publicly Announced They Were Not Interested In Being Scott’s Lieutenant Governor.  First, Senator Paula Dockery, who many assumed to be the frontrunner to be Scott’s Lieutenant Governor, said she wasn’t interested in being Scott’s running mate. This admission started the stampede of Republicans on Scott’s shortlist to reportedly reject Scott’s advances.  From Representative Anitere Flores, to University of North Florida President John Delaney, to Representative Bill Galvano, and even Representative Mike Weinstein, news reports of Republicans refusing to associate themselves with Scott are coming faster than Rick Scott taking the Fifth Amendment in a deposition. [Press Release, Florida Democratic Party, 8/31/10]
Angela Corey “Quickly Rejected The Notion” Of Being Considered For The Scott Ticket. Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey was asked if she wanted to be considered for a statewide run for lieutenant governor with Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott but quickly rejected the notion, an associate said. [Florida Times-Union, 9/2/10]

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