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What Are Scott and Thrasher Hiding?

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTYFor Immediate Release: Sept. 10, 2010
What Are Scott and Thrasher Hiding?
Florida Democratic Party Demands Thrasher and Scott Release Republican Corruption Audit, Solantic Deposition For Public Scrutiny
In light of Florida Republicans’ continuous efforts to hide their scandals with backroom deals, Campaign for Accountability 2010 spokesperson Eric Jotkoff released the following statement demanding that Republican Chairman John Thrasher immediately release the Republican Party’s audit and Rick Scott release the deposition taken just days before he kicked off his gubernatorial campaign to public scrutiny:
“In just 53 days, Floridians are going to elect new and different leaders to hold the corrupt Tallahassee politicians accountable because Rick Scott and John Thrasher won’t come clean about what they are hiding.
“While it has been clear for months that the corrupt Republican insiders, currently the targets of a federal criminal investigation by the IRS and FBI after living large off the Republican Party AmEx slush fund, have no interest in ending the corruption or cleaning up their mess, Floridians deserve answers.
“By electing John Thrasher, who has been convicted twice of breaking Florida’s ethics laws, the Republican Party of Florida doubled down on the Republican culture of corruption in Tallahassee. As Chairman, Thrasher has been involved in hush money schemes, backroom deals, and done little to truly clean up the Republican Party.  Because Floridians deserve to know the extent of the Republican corruption at their party, Thrasher should have released the audit as soon as it was given to him and his stalling is another sign that his rhetoric on reforming the RPOF is pure lip service.
“And while the Republican establishment debates transparency, today the ten Republican members of the Legislature who called on Rick Scott to release his Solantic deposition or drop out of the race need to renew their demand that Rick Scott release his deposition ‘in order to provide the transparency the public wants and deserves,’ as they wrote regarding Scott’s being ‘deposed over allegations amounting to criminal and fraudulent activity.’
“As the new ‘King of Republican Insiders,’ Rick Scott is fitting right in with the corrupt Republican insiders but Floridians expect more from those who seek to lead our state.  The Governor’s office is not a ‘private matter,’ no matter what Scott says.  Given Scott’s record of overseeing the largest Medicare fraud in American history and the allegations of fraud at Rick Scott’s latest company, Floridians are right to be skeptical about him.”

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