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Another Day of Thrasher and Scott Cover-Ups

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTYFor Immediate Release: Sept. 14, 2010
Another Day of Thrasher and Scott Cover-Ups
Last Saturday, the corrupt insiders at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) chose to not to make public the internal audit conducted after indicted Republican Chair Jim Greer resigned earlier this year. Although current Republican Chair John Thrasher has the power to release the audit himself, as one of the most corrupt figures in Florida politics, he continues refusing to do just that.
“Florida Republicans make clear every day that they do not have the honesty, integrity, or ethical compass to lead Florida,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Campaign for Accountability 2010.  “The fact that indicted Jim Greer’s successor John Thrasher has decided that the will of the corrupt Republican establishment outweighs transparency in the political process is an outrage.
“Tallahassee politicians have taken our state down this corrupt path, and  Floridians are fed up with it.  This is a flashback to the RPOF AmEx slush fund, which they were forced to release earlier this year.  By not releasing the audit the Republican Party is showing their disdain for Florida, as well as  hanging another albatross around the neck of every Republican on the ballot across Florida.”
As if this blatant effort to cover up the Republican Party corruption scandals was not enough, disgraced executive Rick Scott still refuses to release the deposition he gave six days before he announced his candidacy for Governor. 
“It’s no wonder the ‘merger’ between the corrupt establishment at the Republican Party and disgraced executive Rick Scott happened so fast,” added Jotkoff.  “There’s nothing but secrecy and shadows every time Rick Scott opens his mouth.  If Scott didn’t want to disclose the details of his deposition, he shouldn’t have run for Governor.  Likewise, serving the people of Florida is not a ‘private matter,’ and pleading the Fifth 75 times in a deposition does not leave an impression of integrity.  Rick Scott and John Thrasher should immediately release the Republican Party audit and Solantic deposition they are attempting to hide from Floridians.”
The Rick Scott record is one of secrecy and cover-ups. Floridians can visit to help connect the dots on Scott’s pattern of cover-ups because running for governor is not a private matter.

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